Tempus Fugit

  laurie53 20:02 27 Jun 2007

My wife was in a clothes shop earlier today (How unusual, I hear you say!) and she got talking to a delieery driver.

He was delivering the Spring Collection.

Not the back end of this year's collection, but the Spring 2008 one!

  madgamer234 20:13 27 Jun 2007

laurie53 you had me worried there.
i thought you were talking about the PCA mag for a moment.

  Stuartli 23:17 27 Jun 2007

Being cynical, I find it difficult to believe this tale because of its fashion tie-up...:-)

  wee eddie 23:30 27 Jun 2007

Certainly most of the Designer Boutiques have already ordered their Spring Collections for 2008, although I would not have expect delivery quite so early.

  laurie53 08:30 28 Jun 2007

Fashion houses would not have surprised me, since I am aware of their lead times, but this was a common or garden High Street outlet.


  wallbash 09:50 28 Jun 2007

What is the Problem ?

If the stores get their 'goods' in even earlier,
we will soon be able to buy summer (2008)fashion
in the summer of 2007 , exactly when we require the clothes.

Think of the soon to be advantages , swim wear in July/August followed by cardigans in sept /Oct.

  Stuartli 11:11 28 Jun 2007

I would have thought the main problem was not only storage for such a long period ahead, but also the financial outlay.

What happens too if fashion styles (never intransient at the best of times) change before next Spring?

  Kate B 11:45 28 Jun 2007

They don't change. They're dictated way in advance by the fashion shows in London, Paris and Milan. Next spring's look is already set in concrete; so too I imagine is next summer's look.

  Bingalau 13:32 28 Jun 2007

I wonder if my slacks and blazer will be o.k. for 2008? Slacks and cardi for slopping about in. Hey! maybe jeans will be out? I can't understand how the worst fashion gimmick of all has lasted so long. after all they are just working mens' overalls.

  madgamer234 14:00 28 Jun 2007

Bingalau not sure about jeans ever being out.
did you know that this year in Britain three pairs of jeans will be sold every second. click here

  wallbash 14:14 28 Jun 2007

Jeremy clarkson look alike ( from the waist down)
Have requested that I am buried in my Levi 501 's
Wont rubbish your Slacks ! if you leave my jeans alone.

Jeans are so easy, as long as they are reasonably clean , they are fine from day one, til they fall apart. Don't have to think of what to wear , makes mornings so less stressful.

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