zarobian 20:43 10 Feb 2005

I am using Telewest "Blueyonder", for £17.99 a month getting 256KPS speed. It never achieves that speed. Usually around 16/24 KB/s. Which means 16x8= 128KPS or 24x8=192KPS. Do you think it is good value for money? I am in a Telewest (Eurobell) cable area and have no other choice unless I install BT telephone line.
Other Broadband Suppliers charge the same amount for 512KPS!! Is there any body else who will join me to pursue Telewest either to give us an upgrade to 512KPS or reduce the monthly charge?

  squillary 22:25 10 Feb 2005

I'm in the same boat with Telewest. I don't leech porn or illegal files so I don't really have a need for any faster speed, but web pages are jam-packed with garbage now to justify the existence of 1\2\4Mb lines and it's becoming impossible again to do some of the basics.

That said, I do manage 28-32kbps so it does appear you have an issue you may like to take up with Telewest (I'm not in a Eurobell area myself).

You may want to look at click here and make a complaint in the newsgroup where they will studiously treat you with contempt and tell you Telewest is not a charity. At the same time they will ignore the charity element of 512\1\2Mb users being provided with free, unrequested 50% speed increases twice within just a couple of months.

You aren't the first, nor will you be the last. But you are completely in the right.

Hopefully, the recently announced doubling of speeds by BT will knock them out of their complacency and force them to make the entry level 300k or 384k, just so we can tolerate the garbage on the internet at the same rate as we did when 256k was a reasonable service. Something that seems a very long time ago now.

Good luck.

  VoG II 23:22 10 Feb 2005

You obviously have a big chip on your shoulder (by which I mean that you are obviously deranged) and you need professional counselling. If you contact the Social Services within your Local Health Authority, they will be able to put you in touch with a counselling service. Unfortunately (both for you and anybody who comes across your rantings) there is likely to be a wait.

  squillary 02:02 11 Feb 2005

Apologies if I'm abrupt. I'm just not the happy-clappy type.

Of course, you could always look past the attitude you perceive and just read what I wrote. If there are errors, please feel free to put them right. Are there any? Not in my experience, but I'm just one person. Isn't that why there's a forum - for the perspectives of /different/ people?

Still, at least I answered the question. Thank you for your unhelpful abuse.

  zarobian 09:16 11 Feb 2005

Thank you squillary for your comments I did follow your link and made my point.

  mrwoo 14:58 11 Feb 2005

apologies if this is a stupid question - I'm on telewests £17.99 256k BBand as well. When I look at my connection it shows 11mbps, whats the correct way to calculate the exact speed I'm getting?

I'm using a netgear 802.11b router.

  dan11 15:32 11 Feb 2005

that will be your network connection speed and not your internet connection speed. It's very confusing, isn't it. ;-)

I use this click here to get my internet connection speed. it is very consistent.

I will not tell you my speed as I do not want you to be depressed. lol

  mrwoo 16:22 11 Feb 2005

The test shows I get 109 kb/sec. apart for coughing up more cash for a faster connection, would using a 802.11g router increase it by much? My laptop has 802.11g integrated but the router is only 802.11b at the moment.

  fuzzyone 16:52 11 Feb 2005


I am on telewests 1Mb service, and my usual d/load speed is from 96-104 kb/s.

going by this, i'd say that your speed is about right.

I've been with telewest for about four years now, and can honestly say that, i've never had one cause for complaint.

  dan11 17:37 11 Feb 2005

I don't think upgrading your router would make any difference. The fact that it is a b standard and you are getting a 11Mb connection, seems to me that the lappy is getting a good signal.

109 Kbps seems slow to me for a 256K connection. Is there other computers connected to the net and in use? If you hover your mouse pointer over the wireless connection in the task bar, what signal strength are you getting. On mine has the settings of low, good, very good and excellent.

  HappySoul 18:34 11 Feb 2005

Give click here a go and it'll show if your setup isn't quite right and advise what to do.

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