A telephoonic puzzlement --I think!

  SparkyJack 09:20 26 Mar 2011

An E-mail from daughter this morning suggested she will call by to see her old dad later to day.
She went on - will phone to confirm- if the phone is back on - forgot to pay the bill again!

The puzzlement?
She managed an e-mail - what happened to the phone?
Perhaps she didn't link the two - or did she?

  Terry Brown 09:29 26 Mar 2011

A lot of time, it is easier to send an Email than telephone someone(or even use snail mail) for a short message.

It is a sign of the times, but personal communication is being lost.


  SparkyJack 09:33 26 Mar 2011

Telephone [the speaking thiung]- the wire and exchange link' and Broadband[E-mail thing ] is one and the same - if the 'phone' is disconnected would not the broadband go?

  octal 10:11 26 Mar 2011

Not necessarily, if she has the package all with the same provider then yes the whole thing will go, but if the phone is with one provider and the broadband is with another then it will only be the phone that is chopped, they won't touch the broadband as it's nothing to do with them.

  finerty 10:13 26 Mar 2011

may be she rang from a pay phone or a friends phone did u do 1471

  finerty 10:14 26 Mar 2011

or maybe a mobile phony

  Quiller. 10:39 26 Mar 2011

She may have a pay as you go wifi dongle
used a laptop from a free wifi coffee shop
used some one else's computer
used a smart phone.

or is as usuall

just wants you to send money


  SparkyJack 11:05 26 Mar 2011

She has a common supplier - BT
She would be E-mailing from home- does not like places with people[agoraphobic- among many other things that ail her]

Send me Money - you jest - usually she will call by when the car/phone/electricity/gas need paying
that's what Dads are for isn't it!

  SparkyJack 11:11 26 Mar 2011

She phoned - on her mobile.
I Queried the phone off/broad band thing.
She said the phone goes first and they E-mail[not a postal reminder] thus giving the option to settle on line with flixible friend.
She did not see that because she had not had a computer for some months and had to delete a raft of E-mails see this
click here

  SparkyJack 11:20 26 Mar 2011

Does it for you ?
Any way it refers to getting back 0on line after some time off.
The essential text of my original post was :-


Sun, 06/03/[email protected]:15

Having delivered a reconstructed computer to my daughter and set it up yesterday- she having been without since November last- This morning sent me a plea for help.
On signing on to her favourite web mail -Incredimail - it promptly downloaded 28655 messages- much spam- many regular and repeated.
She asks is there a way to delete this lot en-mass
Any 'incredimailers' among you?

Which may explain why she missed any E-mailed Reminder - perhaps maybe

Now I wonder why she is calling in later - better go find my cheque book- or hide it - which?

  spuds 12:06 26 Mar 2011

We seem to have some different suggestions regarding telephone and broadband connections!.

Let me bore you for a few minutes, but I have been having trouble with my broadband due to slow speeds, faulty email and intermittent disconnections, which the service is supplied by the same company that provides the telephone service.

After many debating sessions, the engineers have replaced items in the exchange, because "there was a fault, but they were having problems finding it". I send 3 reports a day regarding speed and ping readings, and the engineers are monitoring the situation!.

On Thursday last, I noticed that the telephone 'dinged' once, then once again 5 minutes later. Checking the engineers telephone number came up (they can phone the client, but the client cannot phone them), so I assumed that they were still making modifications on the line and at the exchange. Same thing happened yesterday, and on further investigation found that I could send telephone messages out but not receive incoming ones.The broadband was working, in a fashion!.

After spending nearly an hour on the telephone yesterday evening, trying to get any sense from the so called customer services. I now find that I can use broadband, and telephone out, but anyone wanting to telephone in, is redirected via my mobile telephone?.

I only hope that the people phoning in are not being charged mobile rates, while the ISP tries to sort out the broadband and telephone problems. If that is the case, and I suspect that it is, then there are going to be some very unhappy bunnies about, including me.

Apologies for the long boring post about the wonders of modern communications :O((

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