Telephone Preference Service

  Covergirl 19:03 21 Dec 2011

Good site. Ha. The complaint form allows you to choose any date in 2004 or 2005.

  wiz-king 19:11 21 Dec 2011

All works OK here in Surrey - defaults to 2011

  Covergirl 19:30 21 Dec 2011

I must have a rogue site. Still don't work for me though. Both PCs on Vista HP and IE9.

I'll get me coat

  Covergirl 19:32 21 Dec 2011

The rogue site was a subsidiary link off of a Google for TPS.

I notice that if I follow the links off of the main page, I get a different form.


  Condom 21:21 21 Dec 2011

I have been with the TPA for many years and the level of unsolicited calls had dropped to almost Zero which pleased me no end.

Then I signed up some months ago for BT and their Indian sub continent help lines. Needless to say the service didn't happen through total chaos on their side and months later I still have have all the BT equipment stored in my house with no signs of it ever being picked up.

However since signing with them I am now receiving daily calls from the same said sub continent telling me I have computer viruses to god knows what else. Is there any comnnection I ask myself? Seems the TPA can do nothing about these calls as they don't originate from the UK shores..

  lotvic 00:44 22 Dec 2011

Condom, if you are getting those calls I wonder if you could shed some light on what 'PCs unique ID' numbers are that are referred on this thread in Helproom.

This is just for interest only as it has intrigued me (and others)

  hastelloy 08:05 22 Dec 2011

Condom "I still have have all the BT equipment stored in my house with no signs of it ever being picked up."

You could give them a deadline to collect, after which you can charge them for storage.

  morddwyd 09:50 22 Dec 2011

I have been with TPS for years with no apparent effect.

When I received nuisance calls and told the callers I was with TPS most of them said "Oh, we're not members of that."

Formal complaints to TPS seemed to have no effect either, and one company, which was calling two or three evenings a month, told me, when I complained, that if I didn't like it I should go ex-directory.

In the end I installed trueCall, with 100% success over the last two years or so.

  March Hare 16:20 22 Dec 2011

The TPS is gaining a reputation as a toothless, paper tiger.

I have been a TPS member for about 20 years but still get nuisance calls. When checking the numbers on the "Who calls me on . . . " website there are dozens, if not hundreds, of complaints about the TPS being ineffective.

I now have a message on my answerphone saying calls from outside the UK and calls where the caller's number is withheld will not be answered (no good if you have friends or relatives abroad though).

  spuds 16:28 22 Dec 2011

"The TPS is gaining a reputation as a toothless, paper tiger"

Bit like Ofcom and one or more other Watchdogs then!.

  Covergirl 17:00 22 Dec 2011

TPS actually works for me, but there are the occasional companies who aren't members or choose to flout.

The one that elicited this thread was a call from 0845 1113111 who said they were Nationwide Energy Services (or something like that) wanting to know if I had my grant.

After asking how they got my number and being told it was ". . .just on our database" I asked them to take it off.

It's not just me, a friend up the road has been called nearly every day in the last few weeks - that's what is on her missed calls register and voicemails - blank voicemails by the way.

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