Telephone Line Rental

  Terry Brown 20:38 23 Dec 2009

We were talking about Telephones and charges a few days ago, and subject changed to line rental.

To summerise:
Originally Line rental was to pay for you to 'ring' the operator,The operator to ring the number you want and manualy connect you.

Pay for Directory enquiries

Pay for all other operator services

There is virtualy no operator service
Directory services you pay for
Calls are connected automaticly

To connect you have to pay a 'connection fee' ,6p-- This pays for the line rental plus time per minute actually 'on the line'

What is the 'Line Rental' charge for?, is is it just a hangover from BT monopoly days

  Input Overload 21:21 23 Dec 2009

I suppose Virgin/NTL need to recoup some of the huge cost of digging miles of pavement up.

But the BT installation my house has (Now not used) must have been installed 30 years ago & they had no intention of even fitting me a master socket as they said we optimised for voice calls & if they work....

It made my day when I had nothing more to do with BT & even more so when they phoned & asked if I would return! BT seem to do what they end up being forced to do, & the line rental is over priced.

  Quiller. 08:42 24 Dec 2009

" It made my day when I had nothing more to do with BT & even more so when they phoned & asked if I would return! "


My new ISP charges £0.00p for line rental. I get a faster BB service and considerable lower telephone charges. BT was and probably still have an appalling service.

  tullie 09:09 24 Dec 2009

Unfortunately someone has to pay the line rental,for those that say they dont,i would be interested in what your overall cost is as if you dont pay it,it is reflected in your payments.

  Quiller. 09:13 24 Dec 2009

Upto 8Meg bb
No download limit what so ever.
Free calls to all 01, 02 numbers anytime of the day.
No line rental

That works out @ £24.99 a month.

Extra's are phone calls to mobiles, 0845 and premium rate numbers, which are barred.

  interzone55 10:53 24 Dec 2009

the cost of maintaining BT's infrastructure is enormous.

They have the largest vehicle fleet in the UK (apart from the MOD) used to maintain the lines to almost all areas of the UK.

I'd be interested in seeing what level of service the BB suppliers provide based on their tiny monthly charges...

  Toneman 15:46 24 Dec 2009

If the folks who don't use BT get a line fault, who puts it right? Do they all just use mobiles?

  Input Overload 16:08 24 Dec 2009

A man in a Virgin van fixed it. And he was as good as Bob The Builder & Wendy.

  Input Overload 16:12 24 Dec 2009

Toneman, if you use Sky or TalkTalk for instance it's still BT who fix it from the exchange they just buy rental in bulk, but most of the internet in the UK travels via & is fixed by BT bar in the exchange itself.

  tullie 17:11 24 Dec 2009

Theres my answer then,the line rental is included in the £24.99.

  Quiller. 20:20 24 Dec 2009

The telephone exhange is LLU.

I was paying line rental, BB @ 2mb with a 30Gb limit and all calls to 01 and 02 free, for £34.99.

I was then offered a better package for £24.99 and the bill says line rental @ £0.00.

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