Tech keeps us in touch

  Kate B 12:49 07 Jul 2005

I, like many other Londoners this morning, am blessing the internet and the mobile phone network, which seem to be coping magnificently with the load on them.

It seems that all my family and friends are safe - and I know all of this via emails and texts. Hurray for technology!

  Joe R 13:16 07 Jul 2005

Kate B,

It is a horrific attack, on innocent people, and we can only hope, that the majority of people are safe.

Words cannot express my feelings for the perpretrators of this attack, and as I've already said, we can only hope and pray, that the casualty list stays as low as possible.

  Danoh 15:23 07 Jul 2005

Ditto, Kate B.

To do my small part in trying to reduce the stress on the mobile networks for emergency use, I also included in my emails and SMS-texts, a request that people texted rather than called to check on friends and loved ones.

  PurplePenny 20:06 07 Jul 2005

I hadn't realised how many of my friends work in London until I worried about them this morning.

Thankfully the wonders of mobile phone and e-mail assured me of their safety very quickly.

Many years ago, before e-mail and mobile phones, I was in a similar situation of worrying about friends caught up in a disaster and it took me days to find out that they were OK.

  Danoh 14:56 11 Jul 2005

I was pleased to read that certain mobile networks collaborate with the emergency services by giving their calls priority over calls from personal accounts. So if your network is unavailable, it does not mean it has collapsed and melted down. Txts should still get through though.

  The Spires 00:37 12 Jul 2005

It's still good advice to have a battery radio.

  recap 11:14 12 Jul 2005

"Vodafone have reported that their mobile phone network reached capacity at about 10 AM on the day of the incident, and they were forced to initiate emergency procedures to prioritise emergency calls. Other mobile phone networks have also reported failures. London's Transport system is currently paralysed, significantly because of the complete closure of the underground system and the Zone 1 closure of the bus networks, as well as evacuation of Russell Square. The BBC has speculated that the phone system has been closed by the security services to prevent the possibility of mobile phones being used to trigger bombs. BBC reports mobile networks are running again"

I think the speculation from the BBC could be accurate as this is a real possibility.

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