Tech Advisor - pages slow to open?

  onthelimit1 11:17 23 Sep 2018

Anyone else finding pages on these forums very slow to load? It's been happening to me for some weeks now, but only here. All other websites open almost instantaneously.

  Pine Man 11:20 23 Sep 2018

Yes I have noticed it and it is the same for me on different browsers with both PC and Mac. I just put it down to old age - not me the site;-)

  roger.roger 11:32 23 Sep 2018

all loading quick here on firefox.

  Aitchbee 12:29 23 Sep 2018

Yes. I am getting a distinct lag [white screen] of about 3 seconds instead of the usual half-a-sec; only noticed it from this morning now that you've mentioned it.

  Flak999 13:23 23 Sep 2018

It's all the blinking ads trying to load that slows it. If you look down in the task bar you will see it says trying to load! Nothing you can do I'm afraid, even using adblockers won't stop the lag.

  Menzie 13:53 23 Sep 2018

The site looks like it is also being maintained. When I tried to log in last night I got a site down for maintenance message using the link from my bookmark.

Going through the main site and clicking forum it took me here but notified me that it was a cached page and maintenance was being carried out.

  bremner 14:42 23 Sep 2018

This has been happening for a while and it seems to be linked to the ads.

  Al94 18:54 23 Sep 2018

Loading time 8 seconds, estimated visitor loss 28% according to google = hardly an acceptable result.

  Aitchbee 20:22 23 Sep 2018

It must be infuriating if one is using a handheld mobile device; sitting at a PC in a comfy chair at home it isn't much of an issue ;o)

  HondaMan 09:28 24 Sep 2018

About 5 seconds here; I put it down to the ad-blockers. Ghostery has blocked 16 ads while changing forums

  Pablo de Catio 10:28 24 Sep 2018

It must be infuriating if one is using a handheld mobile device; sitting at a PC in a comfy chair at home it isn't much of an issue ;o)

On my phone I have JavaScript disabled, just for this site, it then loads as fast as any other.

If I want to post, like now, I just enable JavaScript for a few seconds by altering the switch and then turn it off again.

Result is browsing is fast and I can post when I want.

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