Teachers' qualifications in Schools. Are there differences?

  Bing.alau 19:36 07 Sep 2012

I was always taught never to argue about religion or politics, so if our FE feels I am stepping out of line with this query, I am quite happy to have it deleted.

I've just been watching the news. It seems a teacher in a Mosque has been in court for (allegedly) bullying the pupils in his class. This set me wondering if things have changed.

Now I was always led to believe that you couldn't teach in this country, unless you had been to a teacher's training college or school. However I have got the feeling that this is not so now. Has this man been to a teacher's Training establishment? Maybe the rules have changed or. Is there one rule for one tribe and another for a different tribe? (I think we are all being tribe-alised).

I remember in the 1960's the top PTI (Physical Training Instructor) in the Fleet Air Arm, securing a job as the PTI in a big school in the south of England, only to be told a couple of days later that he couldn't have the job because he had not been to a teacher's training college. It didn't matter that he had over twenty five years teaching the subject, the qualifications he had also didn't matter. It didn't matter that he was only going to teach and supervise that particular subject. The red tape brigade stepped in and that was it.

So is there still this barrier to people such as him, or can any body teach in religious type schools? What is the difference between one religion's schools and another's when it comes to qualifications?

  john bunyan 19:48 07 Sep 2012

This guy was a volunteer religious teacher at the mosque. I think quite a few schools have classroom assistants who are not qualified teachers. In this case he clearly was not properly supervised. See

Mosque teacher

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