Teacher tells pupils santa does not exist - then apologises.

  woody 09:56 09 Dec 2012

How can any one spoil this for children - especially from one in the teaching profession?

  Quickbeam 10:13 09 Dec 2012

Well it is true.

  spuds 10:14 09 Dec 2012

Considering that parent's and teacher's tell kid's all sort of things nowadays, I am not much surprised. Things being discussed nowadays between the younger generation, had no bearings on my upbringing, and what I was allowed to know.

Apparently the above, as been explained as a possible question and answer exercise, which the teacher addressed as he thought fit, honest and proper. And from that, its been blown out of all proportion.

  Forum Editor 12:16 09 Dec 2012

"Does anyone think it would have been better if the teacher lied?"

Yes, I do.

  woody 16:35 09 Dec 2012

While I accept father Christmas is fairly new - is it much different to the invisible deity that run a lot of "adults" lives?

At least we only expect the very young to believe in father Christmas.

  BT 17:47 09 Dec 2012

"When you stop believing in Santa is when you start getting underwear for Christmas."

  bremner 18:05 09 Dec 2012

I do not think many who have had children will consider it right for a teacher to tell their 8 year old such a thing.

  interzone55 08:10 10 Dec 2012

With fake Santas on every street corner, and adverts for toys clogging the TV, newspapers and magazines, I'd be astonished if any kid still believed in santa by the time they were school age

  onthelimit1 09:13 10 Dec 2012

I think the answer 'santa is as real as YOU want him to be' would fill the bill. After all, the clergy keep telling me God is real, but I'm not convinced!

  Diemmess 09:43 10 Dec 2012

Our tribe probably worked it out for themselves and tried to keep it secret from us that they had known all along.

  Forum Editor 10:18 10 Dec 2012

"Whoever posted 'Yes, I do.' I recommend you think about that a little more."

It was me, and I don't need to think about it for a second more, thanks.

Generations of children have loved believing in Santa Claus - it's on of the delightful and harmless myths that has made childhood special. That a teacher was unable to use her brain and come up with a suitably evasive answer is a shame. Children have their moment of disillusionment soon enough, without mean-spirited teachers hastening the process, and as far as I'm aware nobody has ever had their lives blighted because they believed in Santa for a few brief years.

We can do without life being a featureless plain of relentless, stark reality, populated by people who are so devoid of imagination they regard things like the Santa Claus myth as something to be eradicated, because to perpetuate it means 'lying' to children. I find that attitude pathetic in the extreme, and I thank my lucky stars that there are still enough people with a little of the dreamer about them to continue to perpetuate the story.

I can't wait to watch 'Polar Express' with my young nephews on Christmas morning - it's a regular feature of my Christmas, as are the phone calls I make to them, and to the five children of our friends when I impersonate Santa on Christmas Eve. They love it, and I love it, and I have every intention of continuing as long as I'm asked.

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