Tax rises needed to keep the NHS

  Cymro. 12:44 24 May 2018

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Now I assume that we all agree that a health system that is at least something similar to the N.H.S. is what we all want and that there is no way we can run what we have now without more money. I have always reckoned that any more NHS money must come from taxation and the only argument was just how much more are we willing to pay and by what tax are we to rise that money by.

  john bunyan 21:24 24 May 2018

At about 9% of GDP we spend less per head than many others so some increase is needed

ONS comparisons

  Quickbeam 21:46 24 May 2018

"...lets make the lives of tens of millions of people better by scrapping the vanity project that will get a few to Manchester ten minutes quicker by train..."

Complete red herring that old chestnut is! just think how ecomomically backward we would be if the Victorians had that attitude to the original railway network, which is basically what we still have now. Yet we're quite happy to continue building motorways through greenbelt which are several times wider than a rail route requires just to get people inefficiently 10 minutes quicker, although that's very debatable taking the new traffic jams that new motorways create into consideration, to the office...

  morddwyd 09:42 25 May 2018


I am entirely dependent on state or LA benefits, which are taxed. Apart from the ones you mention, my only tax free benefit I get is my War Pensioner's Disability Allowance, and its associated Mobility Supplement.

  john bunyan 09:59 25 May 2018


You deserve all the things you get, and more. In my case I get a good occupational pension plus OAP so am willing to pay more. My mother , before she died about 12 years ago got War Widows Pensiion that her local borough ignored for housing benefit calculating but she was too stubborn to claim it. My point is that those who are able to pay more tax etc for the NHS will have to face doing so

  morddwyd 10:59 25 May 2018


Don't get me wrong; L'm not crying poormouth. I can get a taxi, buy a meal out and get a decent steak when L want, so I'm more "comfortable" than many. Just pointing out that, like all of us on fixed incomes, tax rises and benefit cuts might have a dispassionate effect.

  oresome 11:05 25 May 2018

I agree that the NHS is probably underfunded but there is a limit to how much tax can be taken from households who've had stagnant income for several years.

The real solution is to grow the economy, but that's easier said than done.

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