Tax rises needed to keep the NHS

  Cymro. 12:44 24 May 2018

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Now I assume that we all agree that a health system that is at least something similar to the N.H.S. is what we all want and that there is no way we can run what we have now without more money. I have always reckoned that any more NHS money must come from taxation and the only argument was just how much more are we willing to pay and by what tax are we to rise that money by.

  Forum Editor 12:55 24 May 2018

"I have always reckoned that any more NHS money must come from taxation"

Where do you think the NHS gets all its money from now? It all comes from taxation, as does money for the armed forces, and all other government departments.

  rickf 16:07 24 May 2018

Don't mind a penny in the £ if it is ring fenced for the NHS only and safeguards in place to prevent private companies from raiding it by awarding them contracts. Child services under a particular private company have been devastated.

  Quickbeam 16:11 24 May 2018

I thought that we were soon to have a benefit to the tune of a £350 million per week into the NHs?

  bremner 18:47 24 May 2018

A radical thought - lets make the lives of tens of millions of people better by scrapping the vanity project that will get a few to Manchester ten minutes quicker by train and put the £56 billion (that will undoubtedly be nearer £100B my the time its finished) into the NHS.

  wee eddie 19:30 24 May 2018

HS2: If you annualise its cost, it's coming out of the Petty Cash, and the NHS's annual costs are horrendous by comparison.

Doesn't matter how much money you put into the NHS, it will never be sufficient

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:36 24 May 2018

The population has doubled over the last 30 yrs has the NHS budget double to cope?

Don't forget that modern medical equipment is a lot better as well as being more expensive.

Would you like to be told your problem is curable but we can't afford it as we have spent this years budget? That is already happening to some people in the so called NHS Trust lottery.

  morddwyd 19:49 24 May 2018

The talk is of an increasingly ageing population as though we are a different tribe.

We are not. Most of us find our state pension is taced, we pay VAT, fuel and alcohol duty just like everyone else.

Those who had the foresight to ensure they would have an occupational pension are also taxed on that!

  john bunyan 19:54 24 May 2018

We will all have to pay more tax and/or NI. A figure, in time, of about an extra 7% on tax and or NI is about what is needed. Borrowing is already too high. On a household income of , say, £30000 it means an extra tax take of £2000 per year or £40 a week or so! I can see no alternative. This yields about £50 billion , and even if all the £10 billion alleged Brexit savings were allocated to the NHS then tax would only come down to an extra 5% or so. There should, urgently, be a cross party agreement on this and how it is to phased.

  john bunyan 19:58 24 May 2018


Yes, agreed, and fortunately we don’t (yet) pay NI. The only benefit that I get as an extra tax free is winter fuel allowance and a TV licence. I would be happy for those to be taxed

  bumpkin 20:29 24 May 2018

Doesn't matter how much money you put into the NHS, it will never be sufficient

Efficient would be more appropriate.

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