Tax Credits - money with your name on it but

  lisa02 10:21 04 Dec 2007

we'll take our time in getting it to you.

We where told when our circumstances changed that the claim will be sorted in 2 weeks. It's now running into a 4th week and as such we are down approximately £800.

I know we'll get it back paid but our limited bank accounts cannot hold out much longer. When I call I just seem to get fobbed off...

What's your experience of the tax credits system?

  VideoSentry 12:18 04 Dec 2007

Luckily enough our circumstances have not changed since they started,so I cannot comment.
But remember they are a Government DepT !!

  Monoux 14:23 04 Dec 2007

My income details were totally wrong, I told them 4 times but never did get them to put it right. As it didn't affect the amount I was due I gave up

  interzone55 17:26 04 Dec 2007

Last November both mine & my wife's jobs changed. My salary dropped by £2k and my wife had to drop to part time due to poor health, so her salary halved.

We applied for Tax Credits and were told that we were eligable for £40, that's a single £40, to my wife, and it was a one off until April.

Then in March some genius then spotted that I'd received three months pay-off when I left my last job, this was on the form I filled in so I don't know why it took so long to spot. So the £40 had to go back. We both got a demand for this and it took a lot of phone calls, and three lots of photocopies of both our bank accounts to prove that we hadn't both received the £40.

Now why was it up to us to prove that we hadn't both got the money, surely they can track the payments - but then again they proably have no idea where all the money goes...

  pj123 18:19 04 Dec 2007

What is a Tax Credit?

  Forum Editor 18:39 04 Dec 2007

I would love to see one myself.

  ulrich 19:12 04 Dec 2007

FE you wont see one as you earn enough. I unfortunately do not earn much, I am 60 and can just about afford what my son and I spend each week, without Tax Credits I am not sure what we would do. We do not go on holidays once a year let alone 2 or 3 times as we just cannot do it.

  laurie53 20:00 04 Dec 2007

Every time I try for something like this I'm told my income is too high, and to prove it they take £250 a month tax from my Forces pension!

  Forum Editor 21:19 04 Dec 2007

Forgive me, I wasn't being flippant. My comment was intended to refer to a tax credit of the other kind - the one where the revenue gives you a refund because of overpayment.

  rossgolf 21:43 04 Dec 2007

i hope i have a nice job in the future so i dnt have to comment on how bad the tax credits are only 3 years till i leave secondry school far too long

  mammak 21:53 04 Dec 2007

Never had a problem with the Tax Credits System any change in circumstances has been dealt with promptly

but down £800 in four weeks gosh thats a lot thats about eight weeks or more for us

but lisa02 what you have 3 little ones at home or there abouts? you shouldn't have to do without that long

can they not make you an emergency payment that could be deducted from the back money they owe you once they sort it out surely they can.

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