Tax Codes

  realist 19:19 25 Jan 2010

Check carefully any new tax code notice you receive.
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I got one of these Notices a few weeks back and it ended with a "special note" to the effect that I had "had the benefit of too much tax free amount and therefore owe some tax. We work this out to be £700.13..."
I 'phoned Inland Revenue straight away as my tax is PAYE. They checked and said don't worry it's just a computer error with our new system. I've since received an amended Notice with no arrears. However, I was charged £90 too much tax from my last pay cheque for which I'm still awaiting a refund.

  Monoux 19:36 25 Jan 2010
  interzone55 09:38 26 Jan 2010

It's interesting that this hasn't been widely publicised.

Our HR department sent a global email to all staff a couple of weeks ago...

  Grey Goo 11:59 26 Jan 2010

Nice to see they have now mechanised their screw-ups.

  DJJohne 12:18 26 Jan 2010

Warning to taxpayers to check tax codes!

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Millions will need to check their coding notices carefully.

Incorrect tax codes may have been sent out by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) because of a new computer system.

The codes tell taxpayers how much their employers and pension firms will deduct in income tax in the coming financial year, 2010-11.

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) says taxpayers could be asked to pay up to £108 a month too much.

The Revenue said it had no evidence of a widespread problem but advised taxpayers to check carefully.

  Snec 16:12 26 Jan 2010

I'm alarmed to hear this.... I've just received a significant refund relating to one company pension, but not the other.

I thought it strange at the time, I've been getting the same pension for awhile (the amount has changed a little bit over the years) and it was difficult to see where I should be due this amount of rebate. Ah well, they'll take it back when they feel like it I suppose.

  Snec 16:46 26 Jan 2010

I've just thought of something; if I spend it in the meantime I will prevail upon the good nature and strong financial acumen of GANDALF <|:-)> and obtain a 'get me over this problem' loan.

  peter99co 17:34 26 Jan 2010

Did you receive a notice of coding prior to the rebate showing a change to your allowances?

  The Mountaineer 17:49 26 Jan 2010

"I've just thought of something; if I spend it in the meantime"
Maybe you'll qualify for one of those government bail-outs or whatever they're called

  wiz-king 18:01 26 Jan 2010

Bail perhaps!

  Snec 18:04 26 Jan 2010

Yes, but in truth I didn't look at it closely or think it very important so didn't compare etc. I didn't/couldn't/can't think anything was owed anyway, one way or the other... and I still don't think so. It will sort itself out I expect.

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