oresome 20:39 16 Oct 2012

Britain’s top policeman has banned all officers and staff from having tattoos on their hands, necks or faces.

In an edict sent to all those who work at Scotland Yard, the Commissioner said that prominent tattoos “damage the professional image” of the country’s biggest force.

I must admit to not liking tattoos and forming an immediate negative impression of anyone displaying one or more of them. I realise that this can be quite unjustified, but nevertheless it is my initial impression and takes some time for me to overcome. (My daughter has more than one, but they are not normally visible)

I'm in agreement with the Commissioner..........what do you think?

  woodchip 13:30 17 Oct 2012

I never forget what my grandmother used to say to my granddad, sorry for the exact words " If God made thee to Smoke he would have put a bloody chimney on thee head" It goes without saying who I go with, Granddad was a chain smoker

  onthelimit1 14:28 17 Oct 2012

Some 20 yrs ago, I remember an Army Air Corps Staff Sergeant pilot who was offered a commission provided he had skin grafts to remove/cover the full length tattoos on both forearms - ouch!

  johndrew 15:25 17 Oct 2012

Tattoos can be quite embarrassing as well as disfiguring.

My father (one of the aforementioned seagoing fraternity of RN fame) had a scantily clad and nubile young lady on each forearm at the time he met my mother. Shortly after this point in time they became shrouded in Kimonos as not to have them properly attired would have necessitated risking the (formidable) wrath of my grandmother apparently!!

  bremner 16:59 17 Oct 2012

The commissioner is simply reinforcing a policy that has been in place for over 30 years but has been allowed to slip.

A police friend in the Met in the 80's was not allowed to wear short sleeve shirts, as he had an anchor tattoo on his arm from his navy days.

  Aitchbee 19:48 17 Oct 2012

With appologies to oresome ...I'm going off subject a little...but,

I've noticed that many more women/girls are now painting their fingernails with garish-coloured lacquers [on the bus home tonight I counted forty fingernails - all painted].

Why are women and girls painting their nails?

Freddie Mercury (on the other hand) could get away with it ... but that was against the grain.

Women are strange ... and men [like me] do not understand how they 'tick'.

Back to the subject in hand, Tattoos to me, when observed ... indicate weakness and lack of self-confidence.

  Condom 21:45 17 Oct 2012

I have 3 tattoos on my upper right arm and I am very proud to have them. They are not normally in show apart from when I am swimming and I don't flaunt them around as they are personal to me.

I have absolutely no problems with tattoos and some of the ones that you see here in Bangkok are fascinating to say the least. I also do not have a any problem with an organisation saying its staff mustn't show visible ones while on duty.

Tattoos have been around for centuries and they have gone in and out of fashion during this time. I agree that perhaps they are a little too fashionable at the moment but who are we to judge what other people wish to do with not just their lives but their bodies.

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