oresome 20:39 16 Oct 2012

Britain’s top policeman has banned all officers and staff from having tattoos on their hands, necks or faces.

In an edict sent to all those who work at Scotland Yard, the Commissioner said that prominent tattoos “damage the professional image” of the country’s biggest force.

I must admit to not liking tattoos and forming an immediate negative impression of anyone displaying one or more of them. I realise that this can be quite unjustified, but nevertheless it is my initial impression and takes some time for me to overcome. (My daughter has more than one, but they are not normally visible)

I'm in agreement with the Commissioner..........what do you think?

  interzone55 20:53 16 Oct 2012

Most employers demand no visible tattoos on any staff with public facing jobs, so I'm sure the Police shouldn't be any different.

  woodchip 21:53 16 Oct 2012

I don't like them, If we was meant to have them I think we would have been born with a pot of paint in our hands. To me they are a disfigurement that can never be removed, without chopping lumps out. And am sure that many who have them would remove them if they could in later life

  Forum Editor 22:25 16 Oct 2012

I agree with the Commissioner. Wearing tattoos has become fashionable, but the taste for it will decline, and in the years to come I think there will be huge numbers of middle aged people who will reflect on a youthful indulgence with regret.

In the meantime, the Police are a uniformed service, and the whole point of wearing uniforms is just that - presenting a uniform appearance.

  Bing.alau 23:05 16 Oct 2012

I suppose we can blame the seagoing fraternity for the craze in the first place, but where did the pirates etc. pick up the idea from? Could it have been from the tribal initiations of Africa or South America or where?

Our Merchant and Royal Navy personnel copied them I imagine, and brought it to these shores (only a guess). The only decent habit ever brought back by the Royal Navy is the drinking of rum of course.

I don't like tattoos either, although I have seen some wonderful works of art portrayed on bodies. My favourite grand-daughter has a small one on her upper arm, when I spotted it I gave her an awful telling off. But it seems grand-dad is old fashioned.

There is of course the old joke about someone sporting the word "Ludo" on their tummy which turns out to be the name of a well known town in North Wales.

  wiz-king 05:27 17 Oct 2012

Need to find someone who can spell to do it!

  sunnystaines 06:01 17 Oct 2012

agree too

  kad60 06:52 17 Oct 2012

Where does this ban put undercover officers who need to blend in with their target crowd.?

The wearing of tattoos is not just about displaying a beautiful and/or symbolic image it also denotes particular gang membership and this could also reflect status when in a particular position on the body.

A blanket ban might not be the best means to enable infiltration into criminal organisations.

On another note tattoos have become ingrained into the cultural landscape and whereas an individual may at some stage regret the course of youthful inhibition i don't think they will fade away any time soon.

As a statement of intent tattoos are an individuals rejection of that uniformity and conformity of which the FE writes.

  morddwyd 06:59 17 Oct 2012

"As a statement of intent tattoos are an individuals rejection of that uniformity and conformity of which the FE writes."

That's exactly what they aren't.

As has been said, they are the fashion at they moment, and people want to be "in the fashion"

  kad60 07:12 17 Oct 2012

To people who wish to be 'seen' or follow the herd instinct and fawn over celebrity culture i would agree with you but there are those who get tattoos for lifestyle reasons beyond or indeed in spite of the fashionistas.

  Quickbeam 09:31 17 Oct 2012

"...the word "Ludo" on their tummy..."

I don't think tummy is right Bing.alau...

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