Tata Nano!

  perpetual motion 13:54 23 Mar 2009

Would you feel safe in this.? just looking at the front end it dont look very safe & there is a lot of metal replaced by plastic.?

Its also is SO basic & one other point is the MAX speed "43MPH" so there's No motorway there then so its a little town car..

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  wiz-king 14:47 23 Mar 2009

That top speed is about twice a fast as most London traffic goes! And whats wrong with 'basic' less to go wrong - the noise of India's town traffic you wont hear a radio - as long as the horn works it will be OK.

  peter99co 15:05 23 Mar 2009

I would have one if they manage to get the production line running.

They will be better for the busy mum's collecting the kids from school than the Chelsea Tractors.

  crosstrainer 15:17 23 Mar 2009

Would be terrible in even a minor shunt....I doubt if it would even get a one star ncap rating.

No airbag, all plastic...Would fold up like a cardboard box. No thanks :))

  oldbeefer2 15:17 23 Mar 2009

'Tata hopes the 10 feet (3 metre) long, five-seater car will be cheap enough to encourage millions of Indians to trade up from their motorcycles.'

That'll help global warming then!

  dagbladet 18:50 23 Mar 2009

For goodness sake, when in Rome, horses for courses. Sheesh.

  egapup 18:55 23 Mar 2009

Why do they always make these sort of cars so hideous??

  Stuartli 18:56 23 Mar 2009

James Martin was very complimentary about a very similar car:

click here

but might think twice about this one(!):

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  Stuartli 18:57 23 Mar 2009

There's very little between you as the driver and what's ahead in many of the popular half-tonne vans used by many small and medium businesses.

  peter99co 19:09 23 Mar 2009

It has a lot to do with the nut that holds the steering wheel.

  Grey Goo 21:11 23 Mar 2009

I suspect the £4000 European version will be somewhat sturdier. Not a lot of room for 18" alloys though. My old "Deux Cheval" which I drove in Spain in the 1970's had a similar sized engine and went quite a bit faster than 43mph.

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