A tasty hot steak sandwich anyone.

  bumpkin 19:07 21 Nov 2014

An odd question indeed but someone may remember. I used to buy pre-cooked slices of steak cut into oblong shapes about the size of a normal loaf (can't remember what they were called). They were only about 3 or 4MM thick but of course you could put as many as you wanted into your sandwich.A very tasty snack but I have not seen them for years. Google search came up with nothing like I want just a steak slice from Tesco's which is a load of pastry filled with gravy and a bit of steak the size of a pea. Does anyone remember these or can tell me if they are still available.

  Woolwell 21:51 21 Nov 2014
  Woolwell 22:21 21 Nov 2014

I think that you may want Steak Canadianne. Found a wholesaler but none for retail.

  bumpkin 23:26 21 Nov 2014

I have not seen it in any supermarket for years though I don't understand why when they have just about everything else meat wise. It was easily available for a few years then just vanished for no apparent reason, it was not even very expensive about the same as you would pay for pre packed sliced beef.

  morddwyd 09:25 22 Nov 2014

" it was not even very expensive"

Probably because it was made from parts of the animal, or animals, that they are no longer allowed to use.

Remember liquidised eyeball, macerated penis and ground up hooves can all be called beef if they come from a cow!

Anyone having sausages for breakfast?

  bumpkin 11:54 22 Nov 2014

Jock1e, that sounds like it. I used to grill it, the 70's I think.

Morddwyd. liquidised eyeball, macerated penis and ground up hooves They no longer have that section in my local Tesco's.

  Woolwell 12:11 22 Nov 2014
  Woolwell 12:14 22 Nov 2014

Live near Manchester? Howarth's

  morddwyd 18:49 22 Nov 2014

"liquidised eyeball, macerated penis and ground up hooves They no longer have that section in my local Tesco's."

Yes they have.

You'll find them under sausage rolls, pork pies and tinned luncheon meat!

  bumpkin 21:23 22 Nov 2014

Ever wish that you had never asked :-))

  BRYNIT 22:24 22 Nov 2014

Could have been a minute steak CLICK HERE

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