A Tantalus + 1

  laurie53 08:32 15 Aug 2008

I have a tantalus.

I also have another.

Do I have two tantalluses, or two tantali?

(Well, it is Friday!)

  John B 08:42 15 Aug 2008

From click here right at the bottom!

"One final point for those of a pedantic bent: the present word derives its etymology from the identical Latin word tantalus, which being fourth declension, changes little in the nominative plural, becoming tantalus. 'So it follows that the English word remains tantalus if the plural, not tantali as is frequently supposed"

  johndrew 09:24 15 Aug 2008

Bit like `sheep` then.

  scotty 11:07 15 Aug 2008

I would far rather be offered a drink from a Tantalus than from a sheep!

  Brumas 11:10 15 Aug 2008

click here
Not even this sheep ;o)

  johndrew 13:18 15 Aug 2008

Some people are not very adventurous. I like Brumas`s `sheep`. Must admit I probably would never have found it in the flock though ;-)

  Brumas 14:29 15 Aug 2008

Ewe didn't look long enough - mutton grumble though, at least you got the ram-ifications. Sorry, I just couldn't resist posting that load of twaddle :o)

  Forum Editor 15:18 15 Aug 2008

two tantaluses - not two tantalluses, and definitely not two tantali.

  Bingalau 15:31 15 Aug 2008

I thought this thread was about spiders!!

  laurie53 15:57 15 Aug 2008

That whirling noise you can hear is Mr Belloc, my Latin teacher not the author, rotating in his grave because I have obviously forgotten all he taught me about the fourth declension.

Must admit I'm a bit rusty on the ablative too!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:48 15 Aug 2008

Tantalus anything to do with fish?

One fish two fish or fishes and chips?


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