Talk Talk Data Breaches Now Becoming a Habit

  oresome 14:15 23 Oct 2015

As a customer, should I be worried?

I believe there have been 3 successful cyber attacks on this company this year and much of the customer data is unencrypted.

To add to the problem, banks are getting tougher at compensating for fraudulent losses, claiming that should you be duped into giving out confidential information then it is your fault.

  john bunyan 17:28 23 Oct 2015

I called At my Nat West Bank. I pay T T - only broadband - by direct debit. I do not use Internet banking. Nat West seemed confident there were few risks.

  Belatucadrus 19:19 23 Oct 2015


it was not known whether the information seized by the hackers was encrypted, Ms Harding added.

Not exactly on the ball are they, the fact that anything was unencrypted after the last two breaches is pretty poor and even now they seem unsure as to what's been taken. Problem is what do you do, knee jerk reaction on the telly was change providers but how do you know the competition are any better ?

Comment on the TV was that it was a real old school DDoS & SQL injection attack that they should have been able to deal with.


  oresome 18:22 25 Oct 2015

Latest missive from TalkTalk

On its own, none of the data that may have been accessed could be used to leave you financially worse off.

Well that's alright then! I'll just wait while some enterprising fraudster fills in the gaps.

  bumpkin 19:47 25 Oct 2015

*As a customer, should I be worried? *

Nobody should be subjected to worry in the first place due to the incompetence of others, however if you are concerned as I was then contact your bank. Mine said that they were aware of the situation and that they would reimburse me for any fraudulent transactions relating to this if they were to occur which they thought unlikely. TalkTalk say change you password, great if you can ever get on their site to be able to change it.

  john bunyan 19:55 25 Oct 2015

I think the reports of folk losing money are about those who gullibly fall for the old trick of a phone call allegedly from the bank or Talk Talk and give details to the caller. This is the oldest trick in the book, but many fall for it.

  spuds 09:43 26 Oct 2015

"This is the oldest trick in the book, but many fall for it."

And according to information available, most of those are older people being taken advantage of, by people who could not care less.

What annoys me the most, is when some people defend those doing the wrong deed, because they are low paid, possibly living on the sub-continent, struggling to make a living!.

  john bunyan 19:13 26 Oct 2015

A 15 year boy has been arrested in Northen Ireland - is he the mastermind behind the TT fiasco?

  spuds 19:19 26 Oct 2015

"A 15 year boy has been arrested in Northen Ireland - is he the mastermind behind the TT fiasco?"

Was in Barclays Bank earlier today, when their computer systems went down, apparently the same happened some time over the weekend.

Hope this hacking or whatever isn't going to become a regular thing?.

  john bunyan 19:55 26 Oct 2015

FE and others are confident in Internet banking. When 15 year olds can disrupt TalkTalk and, in the past, Pentagon, I , so far, have eschewed it.

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