Talk Talk

  Teaboy 17:01 16 Aug 2006

It has been some time now since Talk Talk was offered, and we haven't had much comment from the braves who leapt at it. I am wandering if, out there, there are many who could be described as over the moon (cow-wise)with the service. We had a couple of disgrunts in the early stages, but nothing more. So how about it, are you happy with the service?

  sirreaoscar 17:49 16 Aug 2006

Due to their mis-selling of the "free internet for life" i got out of my contract as have others i know due to talk talks inability to provide the service they advertised.

Their is talk of some "users" who will be taking a test-case to the High Court to show that the TT offer is not working.

Some customers speeds have in fact decreased, but as the adverts said up to 8MB, it never promised you would actually get it!!

The ASA have made Carphonewarehouse change their wording of the adverts their broadcast's.

  anskyber 17:58 16 Aug 2006

No I have not but this site is reasonably reliable for comparative performance information click here

  pickle factory 18:04 16 Aug 2006

Do you mean purely internet service? I've been with Talk talk for nearly two years as a phone provider, and my bills are significantly smaller than they were with BT with never an issue, service wise. Can't comment on their ISP side, I'm with Plusnet, and very happy I am too.

  Input Overload 23:17 16 Aug 2006

sirreaoscar, what problems did you have?

  Gwyn1 08:15 17 Aug 2006

I have been with them phone/BB since July 9th. No problems other than it has tended to disconnect during the evenings then reconnects it's self straight away. Have (yesterday) changed the front plate at the phone connection point to one with a built in ADSL connection so no need for an external filter - have read on a number of sights that this provides for a more consistent connection. Also 'expect' that when they start using their own equipment things will get better. I don't download file, games or p2p so no problems with these areas. On the whole quite happy. Oh and the phone service is fine. Only negative is that response to emails are slow - by the time you get a response you have forgotten what your query was.

  sirreaoscar 08:24 17 Aug 2006

I've been with talk talk as a phone customer and the service has been fine. However the speeds when on-line dropped sometimes to nearly as slow as 56k dial up!

They have to provide a service to which you pay, if that service falls short you can address this problem. The trouble they have is that to many people want to sign up for it & that some BT exchanges can not cope with the sudded surge in internet traffic.

  nagonlouse 14:34 17 Aug 2006

In answer to your question about the Braves who leapt at it. I was on of those that leapt at it and I am very glad I did. I signed up in April and was connected to the land line in May. In early July the Modem arrived and I got connected the same day. My first bill was for £51, that included the £29-99 switch over fee. My second bill which I was notified on line earlier this week is for £18-74.
Now compared to BT I was paying £38-£42 a month. You bet I`m glad.
I was getting 1.1Mbps with B/T and I`m getting 1.1Mbps with talk talk.

  nagonlouse 20:48 17 Aug 2006

Teaboy. why has this thread been ticked as resolved when after only one day and seven answers

  Teaboy 17:12 18 Aug 2006

nagonlouse I ticked because I felt that all the Braves that had leapt at the offer had in fact answered. There cannot be many out there!

  johndere 17:19 19 Aug 2006

Signed up for it but got out of it after a friend had had trouble with it, a lucky escape.
Seems that Talk talk are in trouble with the ASA & Trading Standards about their small print, seems Charles Dunstone could have trouble coming along.

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