A tale of two types of gas wall-mounted boilers

  TopCat® 23:35 19 Jan 2015


We have a heat only – two loft tanks and one in the airing cupboard for hot water – setup in a semi-detached 1970s three bedroom bungalow. The boiler is wall-mounted in the attached garage. We like and want to keep this setup.

This boiler is over sixteen years old now and giving problems so it must be replaced. The problem is that the installers want to fit a Worcester GreenStar 28 combi type boiler with the promise that we can still have our original setup.

I cannot find anything about this online so I would much appreciate any help forthcoming on the matter.

Thanks in advance for your help. TC.

  LastChip 00:37 20 Jan 2015

Worcester are a highly regarded boiler manufacturer, but suffer from being over complicated.

I researched this very problem only 12 months ago and came up with a company that is not very well known in the UK, but has an exceptional (in my view) design that drastically limits the number of moving parts. They're called Intergas. A Dutch company that has been in existence for years and are well regarded in Holland.

You can find a suitable boiler here, but be aware, I would recommend you use a factory approved installer, as most don't know what they're doing with these boilers. The factory approved guys, have all been required to attend factory training in the company's products and are fully competent to install and maintain the products. Interestingly, the gas engineer I used for installation, had this very make himself and the company I sourced it from, While having the choice of just about every manufacturer you can think of, also had one heating their warehouse.

In truth, I didn't find them any more expensive than any other and in all probability, cheaper than the Worcester equivalent.

The link I've given you is for a open vent system, which from your description, seems to be what you've got and want to keep. But all the other options are available.

I've no doubt, that unless you've had a "power flush" recently, any good installer will recommend you have one and looking at the gunk that came out, rightly so. You hardly want to clog up a new boiler from day one!

  Forum Editor 06:15 20 Jan 2015

I agree with every word of LastChip's post.

  bumpkin 12:42 20 Jan 2015

"We have a heat only – two loft tanks and one in the airing cupboard for hot water" I am not sure what you mean, if you wish to keep your hot water cylinder then you do not need a combi boiler just a conventional one.

  TopCat® 14:17 20 Jan 2015

Thank you for the replies.

I've heard recently that a system flush is now mandatory for replacement boiler systems and is included in our current Building Regulations. Not sure about the type of flushing that must now be done though. I will of course insist that my system is flushed out thoroughly before they commission the installation.

I should add here that we qualified for a government/energy company grant which pays for a new boiler to be installed. We pay part of this cost and the installers actually work for our energy supplier. This means we must use them to do the work.

Again, my main concern is how can a combi boiler be adapted to perform like a heat-only one? It doesn't make any sense! TC.

  bumpkin 14:48 20 Jan 2015

What heats your water cylinder at the moment?

  TopCat® 14:56 20 Jan 2015

A Baxi System 50/100 heat only boiler. TC.

  bumpkin 15:05 20 Jan 2015

That is what I am trying to clarify, so your existing Baxi heats the rads and the hot water. If so then you do not need a combi.

  TopCat® 16:10 20 Jan 2015

The answer is a resounding NO! We just need a heat only model to replace the Baxi. TC.

  bumpkin 16:35 20 Jan 2015

Obviously I have not seen it but would have thought that a Greenstar CDi would be more suitable if you wish to go for Worcester which are very good but Lastchip has some valid points.

  TopCat® 17:27 20 Jan 2015

Have now been on to my energy provider and stated my concerns. They replied that their installer company covers Devon and Cornwall installations with no customer complaints on record. They went on to say that if their installer promised "everything would fit and work correctly as before" then it will.

So that is that - we will see what happens in due course.

Thanks again for the help. TC.

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