Taking your litter home works out expensive

  oresome 20:19 02 Aug 2018

A white van man has been hit with a £300 fine after sandwich wrappers and crisp packets were found inside his work van.

Waltham Forest Council workers told Mr Gosling he was breaking the law for carrying the rubbish without permission when they carried out spot checks in east London.


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  BT 08:08 03 Aug 2018

Jobsworths or What??? Presumably he could have had his van stuffed with all sorts of dubious stuff as long as it wasn't in a Commercial waste bag. I've got dozens of old Tesco's bags if he wants them.

  alanrwood 08:45 03 Aug 2018

Absolutely ridiculous.

  Quickbeam 09:19 03 Aug 2018

Sounds like there is more to than there is, nobody would be that jobsworth, would they...?

  Forum Editor 09:38 03 Aug 2018

Technically, the Council officers were in the right - waste is waste, and if it's inside a commercial vehicle the owner should be licensed to carry it, even if the waste is the vehicle owner's personal or household waste.

That said, in this instance I would have thought that commonsense should have entered the equation although as Quickbeam suggests above, there may be more to the case than we know.

  oresome 11:14 03 Aug 2018

Apart from any other consideration, who has the right to stop your vehicle and search it?

How many of us would be sure of our rights to challenge any such request?

  LastChip 11:37 03 Aug 2018

The worlds gone mad!!

  lotvic 12:29 03 Aug 2018

Seems a bit petty "Rules is Rules" as it was the choice of bag that caused the problem

"Regardless of what the items are, if waste is being stored in a commercial refuse bag in a trader's van it is necessary that they have a valid waste carriers' license."

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