T5 Needs You

  techie4me 16:03 23 Sep 2007

Be on of the first 15,000 to test T5 @ LHR.
More info @ click here

  Pine Man 16:25 23 Sep 2007

One of the biggest pains of International travel is the time spent at airports.

I can't think of anything much worse than spending time at an airport without actually getting to fly off somewhere - unless that is included ;-)

  STREETWORK 21:20 23 Sep 2007


  newman35 08:55 24 Sep 2007

Talk about doing things on the cheap!!
No expenses for the volunteers, so they will then need to spend the usual 'arm and a leg' getting a coffee (and a mortgage for a meal!!).
And all this to do BAA's work for them!
Now let me think about this.......!!!

  Pine Man 09:30 24 Sep 2007

To be fair a packed lunch is provided.

  Chegs ®™ 10:12 24 Sep 2007

Unlikely to volunteer as I live in the far north west and have no need to venture near heathrow.

  newman35 10:13 24 Sep 2007

Apologies, I missed that bit - will it make a difference to my decision....?? Nah!

  Pine Man 10:43 24 Sep 2007

For me it's a 150 mile round journey so I don't really think a packed lunch will swing it - although - nah!

  newman35 11:01 24 Sep 2007

Take the packed lunch over to T1 and auction it to those waiting there - it might fetch the cost of your 150 mile trip!!!

This is descending into idiocy, so I'll stop.

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