T B Leader in Waiting?

  oresome 17:23 22 Jul 2012

It seems Tony Blair has paid off the mortgage and is now getting bored being out of the cut and thrust of politics.

He has declared an interest in coming back. He notes that once Labour are out of office, they tend to remain out for a long time. I think the inference being that he is just the person to reverse that trend.

A poll in the Independent places the PM and his Chancellor at rock bottom, level pegging with Ed Milliband and Ed Balls for the voter's lack of trust in sorting out the economy.

So it seems the electorate aren't exactly spoilt for choice.

Assuming the armed forces are disbanded by the time of the next election due to cost cutting, it would be difficult for Tony to start any more wars, so would he be a reasonable choice?

A wild card might be Boris. Not as daft as he pretends by all accounts and a successful Olympics under his belt would do his image no harm. Is he the man to unite the country?

Of course if we can't make our minds up, the LibDems should act as a persuasive force not to sit on the fence again.

Can you think of anyone better equipped to lead our economic recovery?

  natdoor 20:11 24 Jul 2012

fourm member

"Just today, there is another large number of relatives with cause to celebrate TB's 'wonderful achievement'". That, to me, suggests that you attribute the full responsibilty to Blair.

"But neither of those things makes any difference to the fact that Blair wanted us in and was prepared to lie to get us in. But going in wasn't the worst part of it. It was thinking that overthrowing the existing regime was all that was needed".

Surely no-one seriously believes that Blair could take a personal decision on the existence of WMD. He took the advice supplied to him by the experts. Most nations believed that Hussein had WMD. There were reports just prior to the time of the invasion of mysterious ship movements, with the suggestion that material had been dumped at sea. So I think you should take the advice of Jeremy Hunt and accept that making statements which may have been false in such circumstances does not amount to lying. And remember that you don't have parliamentary privilege on this matter.

As far as planning for the aftermath, this was a matter for the USA administration and they made many mistakes.

  Condom 22:46 24 Jul 2012

Forum Member

Why don't you just accept that everybody doesn't think like you or believe the things that you do and move on. Some of us just hold opinions without your seemingly endless need to look for some form of statistics to back up your particular view.

Perhaps you should also take into account that well known phrase. "Lies . Damned Lies, And Statistics" when constantly quoting what I can only think to be Tory HQ Spin.

  flycatcher1 09:27 25 Jul 2012

Condom All Goverments employ "Spin" to advance their ideas and attack their opponents. I believe that Alistair Campbell has won an Olympic Medal for political Spinning.

The Tories cannot approach the Labour expertise on this subject.

  natdoor 10:31 25 Jul 2012

fourm member

"As edited by Alistair Campbell to make it more sellable".

You should be aware that the Hutton inquiry found that the dossier was in line with intelligence information, was not sexed up and was prepared by Scarlett and the JIC. We can expect further clarification on all aspects of UK government policy and action concerning Iraq when the Chilcot inquiry reports in the next couple of years. I suggest that you wait until there is evidence to support your views before commenting further on this matter.

  Condom 11:14 25 Jul 2012


Thank you for reminding us that respected experts who know what they are talking about looked into this issue at great expense and published their findings. But some people still see TB and AC behind everything bad in the UK and to my mind need to get a life.

AC whilst not everyone's cup of tea was good at his job and at least has not ended up being charged with criminal offences like some we could mention.

  Strawballs 14:44 25 Jul 2012

I actually think we have MT here as a member!

  Condom 14:48 25 Jul 2012


Nah...one is senile the other is just demented ;-)

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