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T B Leader in Waiting?

  oresome 17:23 22 Jul 2012

It seems Tony Blair has paid off the mortgage and is now getting bored being out of the cut and thrust of politics.

He has declared an interest in coming back. He notes that once Labour are out of office, they tend to remain out for a long time. I think the inference being that he is just the person to reverse that trend.

A poll in the Independent places the PM and his Chancellor at rock bottom, level pegging with Ed Milliband and Ed Balls for the voter's lack of trust in sorting out the economy.

So it seems the electorate aren't exactly spoilt for choice.

Assuming the armed forces are disbanded by the time of the next election due to cost cutting, it would be difficult for Tony to start any more wars, so would he be a reasonable choice?

A wild card might be Boris. Not as daft as he pretends by all accounts and a successful Olympics under his belt would do his image no harm. Is he the man to unite the country?

Of course if we can't make our minds up, the LibDems should act as a persuasive force not to sit on the fence again.

Can you think of anyone better equipped to lead our economic recovery?

  carver 18:07 22 Jul 2012

oresome "Can you think of anyone better equipped to lead our economic recovery?"

May I suggest that tomorrow you make an appointment to see a bloke in a white coat for treatment.

How about this chap enter link description here now I would vote for him any time before I even thought about voting for Teflon

  carver 18:10 22 Jul 2012

Sorry do not know what happened to that link try this enter link description here

  oresome 18:14 22 Jul 2012

Aaron Stebner doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but with the right marketing....................

  morddwyd 08:49 23 Jul 2012

"Assuming the armed forces are disbanded by the time of the next election due to cost cutting,"

The armed forces can register to vote anywhere they like as long as they declare "But for my Service I Would Live in ........"

Suppose they al registered for Witney?

  flycatcher1 09:13 23 Jul 2012

Some of us are registered in Witney and are disgusted the way that all political parties treat the Armed Forces.

I expected better from this lot - another Tory disappointment.

  Condom 10:26 23 Jul 2012

There was little wrong with TB as a PM and I certainly would have no complaint having him back again. He would certainly be better than the cretin we have at the moment.

Mind you with Cameron and the Chancer still in place my country will surely go for independence in a couple of years and in Alex there is a proper leader who seems to know what he is doing.

  Condom 10:53 23 Jul 2012

forum member

Well it took you 14 minutes longer than I thought it would do to reply.

Where I chose to live for much of the year has got absolutely nothing to do with you as I still pay all my UK taxes which is more than can be said for many. I try to spend most winters overseas as I have a bad chest and my doctor recommends warmer climes. I also use some of this time to teach English to poor student as a volunteer so I need nor deserve any barbs from you. Also I never made any mention of this being such a fine country so stop putting unsaid words in my mouth and keep to spouting your usual rhetoric which is usually funnier ;-)

  spuds 11:58 23 Jul 2012

If all the immigrant's were made to do five years in the armed forces, then they might not be immigrant's at all, but fighting in the country that they had left for a better life?.

Regarding reservist's or increasing the TA capacity to overcome shortfalls in manpower. Perhaps this is only an exercise, which quite a number of government's have been doing for years?.

I notice in certain parts of America, they are even bringing back pensioner's to serve in the police forces etc, as volunteer's, because some of the towns and cities are going bankrupt, and cannot afford to pay wages. Yet at the same time, the government can run a very expensive war or protection plan for other countries?.

Isn't G Brown shortly due to become an International Ambassador. Perhaps strange how these lucrative or sensitive jobs seem to come up for 'retired' main-stream politicians!.

Said tongue in cheek!.

  flycatcher1 12:02 23 Jul 2012

I read in the paper that a Fijian soldier with thirteen years service and a minor service crime on his sheet has been refused permission to stay in this country. He has a British wife and a couple of children.

He is refused permission when a Taliban Terrorist (allegedly "?") is allowed to stay here because of his "Human Rights"

Any political party that allows this to happen will not get my vote and those Retired Service Leaders who made such a noise about Armed Forces reductions should have a go at this problem. It is a shame that they did not do more for the services when they were on the Active List.

I may have mentioned before but I was at a "D Notice" function when the Chief of the Air Staff said that he was only one thing. "Your bl**dy pension" came a call from the back. Collapse of fat party.

  spuds 13:48 23 Jul 2012


I think that you might need to look no further than 'Ghurka', for the way some people are rewarded?.

Regarding being Fijian, there are a number of noted Fijian's who have served this country well, including the SAS. I have a friend who was born there, and left when things got rather scary for him and his family. For him and his family to return back there, might be still very unpleasant and unthinkable?.

But we never seem to hear much about these type of cases, until perhaps its to late?.

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