System Recovery Discs

  Dave_Dave 21:21 21 Aug 2004

Why are manufactures now storing recovery files on a hidden partition and giving you a floppy boot disc???????
A friend of mine has a Packard Bell PC with this system for recovery. He needs to reinstall windows but the floopy does not work. I think the files on the partition are corrupt as he has restored the system once before with the floppy successfully. If they had given him a CD with the files on he could just reformat the drive then install windows. Now he is going to have to buy windows again and pay Bill for another licence.

  Valvegrid 22:09 21 Aug 2004

Basically, cost. I don't think I would ever buy a computer that had a re-loaded system on it. I still think its better to pay the extra to get the full version and have 'piece of mind'.

  Valvegrid 22:10 21 Aug 2004

Reloaded? I meant to say pre-loaded of course.

  JYPX 23:04 21 Aug 2004

Dave_Dave, Do we know each other? And is the guy with the Packard Bell pc called NS? It's funny but I was just gonna post about the very same thing. A guy in the helproom forum is asking for advice on buying a new pc. And my number one rule is - get a proper restore disc which includes all software preloaded on the machine - then you can restore to "out of box" condition anytime you want. When I bought my last pc I went first to my local pc shop (I think Dave_Dave knows who I am talking about) and said that a full recovery cd was an absolute must. The reaction was a vague stare accompanied by a lot of shuffling and the answer was no. Too much trouble? I never found out. I went to Staples instead. And that got me thinking. When you buy your next car (let's say you want a top quality small hatchback) are you going to buy a Ford/Renault/Peugeot for 12 grand or are you going to give 10 grand to 2 blokes in a shop round the corner who say that they will build you one.....Anyway, back on subject, yes - recovery partitions are AN ABSOLUTE JOKE and I would like to see pcadvisor get their teeth into this one.

  Dave_Dave 21:32 23 Aug 2004


yes and yes

  hubdean 17:50 25 Aug 2004

i have a ixtream 6111
and had to reformat ,my recovery disk was no good
had to buy master disk from pc performance
cost 41.20
i now format the computer any time i like
well worth the 41.20
but had i not paid in the first place?????

  JYPX 23:00 25 Aug 2004

hubdean - sorry to hear that but as you point out, whatever happens to your pc now, you always have the option to start again via your your new disc. I am just surprised that there is not much response to this thread as the whole idea of putting the recovery data on a partition seems to me to be a scandal. BTW I discovered that not only do I know Dave_Dave, who started this thread, - I sit next to him at work. Isn't it a small world?

  coneypark 01:04 26 Aug 2004

A just got a new system from Dell. They still give you full windows disc and all other software on disc as well as a back up partition.

I would not buy a system that did not give me disc backups. But the way I look at is that is upto the person buying the system. If they go for a supplier based on price and then find out that the £100 they saved has to be spent on a recovery disc then they cant really complain.

Time/Tiny have always done this and is one reason I would never get a system from them.

  mbp 05:01 26 Aug 2004

The gullible public will always be taken for a ride. We should make a list of brands that do the right thing by the customer and shun the baddies!

  jack 14:17 26 Aug 2004

The point of all this is we PCA members have taken the interest to find out about the devices we use.
The majority donot , anymore than they take an indepth think about Cars.TV's or anything else
until it goes Psst on them and then wail begins.
To most a computer is just another appliance.
It is switched on and it performs or does not.
If it were a car there will be opportuninty of an AA/RAC/GreenFlag membership.
With PC's? An extendended warranty perhaps?
Mmmm-heres an opportunity for some young spark to start something perchance?

  TomJerry 14:56 26 Aug 2004

With recovery image files on hidden partition, you can do a few things (1) You can "copy" them to CDs (2) You can generate a full Windows XP installation disc from files store there, but only you know how.

Maybe PCA could do an article on this.

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