Sympathy for footballers.

  Chronos the 2nd 07:30 22 Dec 2012

I have just learnt from Mike Bushell from BBC Breakfast that footballers are bracing themselves for a tough ten days as they will be playing 4 games during that period.

That equates to a total of 6 hours and lets be generous and ad half an hour stoppage time and I think you will agree that footballers have an extremely tough time.

I personally think 90 minutes work is more than enough for the rather derisory wages that these athletes are paid.

I think it is time that questions were asked in parliament on how this situation has been allowed to go on. Write to your MP, start a petition, demonstrate outside football grounds to show your solidarity.

  Kevscar1 08:27 22 Dec 2012

What are you moaning about Santa works 24hrs a year, compared to him footballers are really overworked

  bremner 08:27 22 Dec 2012

These are the figures for a match and of course added to this must be the training the players do on most days. What is also not factored is the mental energy expended in a game.

It is easy for us who have never played at this level to snear and be cynical, that the players an play at a high level with so many games in such a time frame is testimony to their personal professionalism and fitness.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:54 22 Dec 2012

Oh come on - an average football match lasts for 90 minutes, but an average player DOES NOT run for 90 minutes. In particular, many players stand around for very long periods of the match. They don't play some School football match where 22 kids are running around after a football.

With a few exceptions, the average Footballer would not manage to stay fresh for 5 sets of tennis and how long can a tennis match last and for that matter how many times is a tennis player going to play in a major tournament. Most footballers are tired after 90 minutes of stop start running.

  Aitchbee 12:28 22 Dec 2012

When I were a lad, I always preferred to be goalie ... but retrieving the balls that I 'let in' (there were no nets in 'em days), invariably meant that a fifty yards dash [both ways] behind the goals, kept me fit :0)

  wiz-king 14:23 22 Dec 2012

As most footballer have 2 matches a week and presumably fit in a couple of training sessions I cant see the problem - just dont have the training session for a week.

  Aitchbee 15:03 22 Dec 2012

Jock1e - hee hee, he had butter-fingers too!

  Picklefactory 15:50 22 Dec 2012

Personally I have zero sympathy for the little princesses in the Andrex Premier League, but even saying that 4 games in 10 days at that level really is tough. I played competitive football at a reasonable amateur level for nearly 30 years (Moved into an over 35's league for the last 10 or so) and at my 'peak', if you can call it that, played Saturday and Sunday at a decent level, and trained twice per week. When the inevitable fixture backlog would hit towards the end of the season, we'd play midweek too and even at my level, that was tough. It's not about being able to turn out and run about a bit for 90 minutes, that's easy, anyone can do that, but the level of concentration they must have, and the ability to perform at their absolute maximum, react at their quickest and make the best split second judgements can be the difference between winning and losing a game at the top level. This can equate to hundreds of thousands of pounds for their club in league position and all adds mental pressure. And even when I was fit, you would feel OK for a game, but your muscles would still not have fully recovered from a tough game a few days previous, which generally led to an injury, pulled/torn muscles etc. That is what is tough about it. It's not that they can't do it... it's how well they can do it

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:56 22 Dec 2012

When footballers have to work as hard, for three weeks, as Bradley Wiggins had to to win the Tour De France, then I might have some sympathy for the overpaid pansies.

  Picklefactory 16:02 22 Dec 2012

Definitely overpaid

  Forum Editor 17:29 22 Dec 2012

"Oh come on - an average football match lasts for 90 minutes, but an average player DOES NOT run for 90 minutes."

How foolish to base an argument on the basis that players are paid for the match duration only - what about the training they do - presumably you think that's unpaid work, do you?

I'm not here as an apologist for the way that clubs pay their players - I think that some players are paid ridiculous amounts - but for goodness sake, if you're going to argue a case you might at least think it through first.

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