Sympathy to anyone in the floods

  john bunyan 22:09 26 Dec 2015

The floods in northern regions look dreadful. I hope any forum members near them are safe and sound.

  Aitchbee 23:09 26 Dec 2015

BBC Report.

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  john bunyan 23:10 26 Dec 2015


Hop you and yours are ok

  spuds 23:10 26 Dec 2015

Looking on this evening international news reports, it would seem that quite a few places are having disaster's, whether by floods, fire or other of nature's nightmares.

Regarding the northern event, it would seem that some defences put in place yesterday, was just not enough, because the situation as become worse.

  morddwyd 09:09 27 Dec 2015

Not just heartfelt sympathy for those affected but admiration for the herculean efforts of the emergency services and their helpers.

This country must get a grip of its flood defences, and make a real effort. not the piecemeal sticking plaster "solutions " that have been used in the past.

They found the money for the Thames Barrage, time to do the same for the North and West.

I ead a report this morning that they had to remove the flood defences somewhere, with consequent evacuation of residents, because the operating mechanism was about to be flooded!

click here sort of "planning" is that?


  Forum Editor 10:02 27 Dec 2015

"This country must get a grip of its flood defences, and make a real effort."

I think we can all agree that a real effort is called for, but it is an incredibly complex problem. The trick with flood defence is to do enough to stop a river over-flowing its banks in a vulnerable location, whilst ensuring that you don't move the problem further downstream.

I was slightly involved in one tiny aspect of the Thames Barrier construction project, and I saw how huge engineering was necessary for a long way downstream to stop water backing up and flooding inhabited areas when the barrier was raised.

Rivers are just drains, and the water has to go somewhere - that's the job that flood-plains do. We have been building on flood-plains for a long time, and now we have some serious thinking to do. It's probable that we are going to have these weather conditions each year for some time to come, so a long-term solution has to be found.

It will be tricky, and it will be extremely costly, both in terms of disruption and financially - there are several areas of the country that are vulnerable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:53 27 Dec 2015

If you want to build near river it easy as several countries do it without flooding problems.

Build the houses on stilts, we seen it everywhere from Brazil to Holland to Vietnam.

  spuds 12:00 27 Dec 2015

Every time any developer wants to build on a flood plain in my area of the country, they always seem to get planning permission, no matter how loud the public protest.

The answer from the planner's and the government, appears to be one of 'affordable housing', as the main opponent. Not enough land to build on!.

  martd7 12:12 27 Dec 2015

Thankfully today so far in West Yorkshire its sunny not a drop of rain,hopefully the flooded areas of Bradford,Shipley,Baildon and Bingley will subside,never seen it this bad before,many cars stranded around Shipley and Baildon

  john bunyan 13:29 27 Dec 2015


Glad to hear you are OK. Still waiting for Brumas to check in.

The problem recently has been the extremely unusual amount of rain in some areas. No one can plan for 13 in in a day in the UK. I agree with *Fruit Bat /\0/* that ideally there should be no building on the flood plain, and if there is no alternative, build on stilts.

  Aitchbee 17:15 27 Dec 2015

Slightly off subject but Scottish Water is currently undertaking the construction of a large tunnel to alleviate the problems of flooding [at key points] in and around Glasgow.

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