Switch over day for TV

  Diemmess 18:38 07 Apr 2010

My paranoia is showing.
Being fast tracked through the Commons is a Bill which last night passed its second reading.
Principally the bill deals with shared files and all that implies, and a possible tax on BB users to fund further investment. Ignore that part please for this thread

What is also included is a switch over analogue radio by 2015.

Today was switchover day for TV in my area. Fringe reception from the Mendip transmitter. It reset correctly for me, but many meterological conditions mean silent or no reception when analogue would only go scratchy for a while.

Choice has never been there for country dwellers.
Radio next and that does hurt!

Perish the thought that somewhere in a Brave New World it wont be possible to see or hear anything if the government of the day doesn't like it.

  octal 19:09 07 Apr 2010

If you are talking about AM radio on the Medium Wave then it's sadly overdue for an upgrade. They have been trialling digital on the sort wave bands for a few years and the quality has to be heard to be believed, gone is the co-channel interference, the snap crackle pop and phase distortion (fading) that accompanies the present outdated system and bring in CD quality reception, albeit mono at present, I expect they will introduce stereo eventually.

I just hope the receiver manufacturers get their collective fingers out and don't drag their heels.

  TonyV 19:35 07 Apr 2010

We, too, in Somerset, have had to do our second re-tune to get rid of analogue TV and stay with Digital. This has not caused a problem with retuning, but it has made a difference with the quality of the picture. One step forward and nineteen back-wards.

It is supposed to be progress, but it is certainly not here. A relatively new set, complete with Free-view box and after the first re-tune everything was fine and a very good picture. The second re-tune today and the picture is no where near as clear and precise as it was yesterday. It is so much darker abd fuzzier that no amount of adjusting for picture quality is sorting it. It's another fine mess they have got us into!! (Who ever "they" are!!)

If they are going to change, why the hell can't they do it so that there is at least some improvement.


  sunnystaines 20:01 07 Apr 2010

while camping in cornwall [nr sennen cove] its now harder to get a signal now they have changed.

hope radio does not follow what is wrong with FM?

  morddwyd 20:22 07 Apr 2010

Nothing if you can get it.

I can't.

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