Sweeny Todd out of Business soon

  Grey Goo 10:39 23 Mar 2012

Another outrage from the Chancellor,still should keep the anti obesity lobby happy.

crimp here

  Quickbeam 11:09 23 Mar 2012

Now no more will we wonder who ate all the pies!

But it's a bit cruel including the supermarket rotisserie chicken, that's not an item that I've seen anyone walking down the street devouring savagely.

The vast majority, if not all supermarket rotisserie chickens are bought to save time and electric used in cooking them yourself. It's also another kick in the groin to pensioners that seem to buy a lot of them as an easy prepared source of a proper meal.

So in effect it fails the governments green drive as it's much more green for a supermarket to cook hundreds of chickens in one go, than for 300 families to run a domestic oven for 2 hours or so.

  anskyber 12:01 23 Mar 2012

Perhaps outrage is the wrong term but a silly proposal it certainly is.

Not silly because there is a real need to have fairness and transparency which I think was the aim but silly because it fails the test of enforceability.

The tax is paid if the food is served "above ambient temperature" Hmm, well there's many a Cornish pasty from my homeland which could sit in either category depending on the time of the day it is bought.

  Woolwell 12:16 23 Mar 2012

As I understand the change if I go into a pasty shop and buy a cold pasty and heat it up at home then I will not pay VAT however if I buy it heated then I do pay VAT. When for VAT purposes is a pasty hot or cold? Will there be temperature probes? It's now cooled down enough so VAT is not payable. Interesting to see how this is enforced.

Pushing up the price of hot pasties could well cause outrage in my area.

  Woolwell 12:19 23 Mar 2012

fourm member - Many pasty shops cook their pasties on the premises. So if I buy one just out of the oven, as fresh as possible, then do I pay VAT or do I wait an hour or so for it to cool down and not pay VAT when it is not so fresh?

  anskyber 12:22 23 Mar 2012

fourm member

Not in Cornwall. Most pasties are cooked and then displayed for sale. Some I grant you will have cabinets or microwaves but very many do not.

  Woolwell 12:29 23 Mar 2012

anskyber - "Not in Cornwall." or Devon.

  Quickbeam 12:41 23 Mar 2012

It'll be interesting to see how they enforce it in Bakewell.

Will we have some tarts claiming to be hot when they're clearly not, and if they are not hot, will they be upgraded in status to maids of honour? Which will surely be a gross travesty of trades description...

  anskyber 12:50 23 Mar 2012


I live five minutes from Bakewell, I'll check it out for you.

  Woolwell 12:53 23 Mar 2012

What about hot cross buns? We used to queue at around 5 am to buy them freshly made and hot on Good Friday.

  Quickbeam 12:54 23 Mar 2012


Yes, check to see if anyone's put emergency planning permission in for a new nunnery!

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