Swarm of Bees!!!

  mitch46 15:32 11 Jun 2010

Hi yall.
Watching Mexico South Africa right now and feel like i'm going out of my mind, Those bloody pipes sound like a swarm of angry Bees.
Is it just me or is the noise driving anyone else up the wall.

  Uboat 15:52 11 Jun 2010

hi mitch! funnily enough my neigbour has bought one off ebay i think! we are in for a intresting couple of days lol

  Quickbeam 15:57 11 Jun 2010

Every bee in the world is in that swarm, I'm watching a film instead, bloody terrible drone!

  wiz-king 16:36 11 Jun 2010

Scotland could give them a run for their money with a quick skirl o' the pipes.

  Bapou 17:55 11 Jun 2010

Seems these gizmos are capable of spreading infections, click here

Ban them now and prevent an epidemic I say, or at least only allow them at matches involving South Africa.

  Quickbeam 18:30 11 Jun 2010

Are trombone players in jazz clubs a threat as well...?

  gardener 18:46 11 Jun 2010

My son and I watched it and had to turn the sound right down, it was unbearable. God knows how the players cope having to endure that.

  Quickbeam 18:55 11 Jun 2010

It might be psychological ploy to wear the opposing teams down.

  Quickbeam 18:55 11 Jun 2010

...I hope Rooney isn't frightened of bees...

  Quickbeam 20:01 11 Jun 2010

I see those bees are plaguing the France Uruguay game as well now.

  birdface 20:30 11 Jun 2010

Not for me.
I would rather switch the sound or the TV off rather than listen to that again.
Got a bit of a headache after watching the first half of the France Uruguay game.
I won't be watching the second half.
No doubt the backroom boys will find some way of editing out the noise.
Lets hope so.

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