Surprising what you will find,

  wolfie3000 23:09 31 Oct 2009

When you google your name or username,
Iv discovered that a wallpaper i made when i was bored has turned up onto a totally different website.

click here

Heres the original from my DA page.

click here

I guess now some people have a picture of me staring at them on there desktop.

The internet is a strange thing indeed as it will throw up allot of surprises when you type in your name.

  rdave13 23:19 31 Oct 2009

Damn and I thoght you looked like this; click here


  rdave13 23:20 31 Oct 2009

Lost "u" on my keyboard...

  Toneman 10:28 01 Nov 2009

Imitation (or copying) is the sincerest form of flattery...

  Forum Editor 10:38 01 Nov 2009

Imitation is indeed a form of flattery, but copying in a commercial sense is not - it's a form of theft.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:34 01 Nov 2009


click here

  BT 17:09 01 Nov 2009

My wife made some composite pictures of her favourite actors and put them on some Fanzine sites and they turned up on Ebay. Someone who had printed them out and was trying to sell them despite them only being put online in low quality.

  wolfie3000 18:15 01 Nov 2009

Ir can be a pain when others take your work, but as i see it, it will happen no matter what.

I dont mind as long as they dont claim it as there own.

I tend to never put watermarks on any of my work as it ruins them and if its going to be used as a wallpaper for a desktop then it looks awefull.

  interzone55 18:48 01 Nov 2009

If you google my name you find lots of links to a major record producer - how dare he steal my name...

  cycoze 19:16 01 Nov 2009

After reading this I popped on to Ebay to see if a couple of images were getting sold, unfortunately they are, so another round of form filling to prove to Ebay that my copyright is being infringed.

Next will be a response from Ebay suggesting that I take it up with the seller politely first (already done), then they may step in, so far this I have had to chase three sellers up, two I believe are the same person.

I'm afraid the old adage if you don't want it stolen then don't put it out there is true, I find lots of my images being shared which I have no problem with, but it really does bite when someone is making money off of your back.

Indecently the images concerned I have never sold a copy of myself, so a double biter!

  DANZIG 21:01 01 Nov 2009

Just tried that. My real name had loads of hits, as it always does, the first 3 were to do with my Facebook profile. The rest were Star Wars references mostly.

My name isn't Obi-Wan BTW. Ha Ha!

My other username (not the one I use on here) only got one hit! Took me straight to my Flickr page (that I'd forgotten all about!)

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