snowy30 01:47 06 Mar 2006

I am surprised that FE allowed such language on here. And not just one posting, there r numerous with the same title and by the same person.

  Djohn 02:00 06 Mar 2006

Hello snowy30,

Its not allowed, but does happen on the odd occasion. FE can't be here at all times, I've mailed him to inform him of what is going on and I'm sure they will all be removed by the morning. For the time being, best if no one replies to any of them. :o

  p;3 05:18 06 Mar 2006

as Djohn says, they should be gone by the morning; and such language is not allowed;maybe someone forgot to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest the forum rules!

  Chegs ®™ 05:35 06 Mar 2006

They will have read/marked/learnt/digested the relevant info,but alchohol/labotomy,etc has temporarily caused a total disregard for PCA/Decency/Morals,etc.FE will be innundated with polite requests for the offensive threads to be removed.

  ened 07:04 06 Mar 2006

I have just posted on this subject.

Should have read this first.

p;3 I shouldn't think they care.

Quite frankly I'm surprised this sort of thing doesn't happen more often.

These people are cowards who will be hiding behind some cloak of anonymity. If they had to face a real person they would probably run a mile.

  watchful 07:26 06 Mar 2006

Agree with you. An immature prankster.

  Djohn 07:57 06 Mar 2006

I think FE is away this morning, I've contacted the mag. :o(

As P;3 says, better not to reply to them.

  snowy30 18:02 06 Mar 2006

I agree with u there. They just cowards.

  p;3 18:57 06 Mar 2006

I must admit I thought we were in for another "have a go at the forum"; ; much as though one may wish to reply to them, wiser to completely ignore, report to FE and wait the inevitable thread removed ;however, on another note, we are dealing with human beings; so some "strange happenings" are inevitable occasionally; just hope it is not too often as FE needs time to clear his inbox each time :))

we are here to help each other with computer problems and , in Speakers Corner, have a good debate on a variety of topics;;; some people chosse to run amock occasionally ;shame really

  Forum Editor 19:12 06 Mar 2006

Incidents like the one in question happen on extremely rare occasions, which is probably why they make such an impression. Under normal circumstances we don't experience anything like the volume of bad language, personal abuse, and all the other unpleasant happenings which dog plenty of other forums.

We've created an atmosphere of order and responsibility here, in these pages, and by and large most people respect the status quo. From time to time we get someone who has a grudge, is drunk, or slightly disturbed.....or all three, and the result is an hour or two of unpleasantness. It's soon over, the person concerned is dealt with, and on we go.

I was travelling through the night, so I didn't spot the culprit. It was a Sunday night too, and forum traffic was light; no real harm's been done, but I'm sorry for any offence that was caused. I woud like to say it won't happen again, but it will, and when it does we'll deal with it.

Here endeth the apology.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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