Surge in Supermarket Bargain Hunting

  oresome 11:14 22 Aug 2012

Apparently there used to be a stigma attached to looking for cheap deals and using discount vouchers at the supermarket, but the economic recession has made the practise more acceptable.

Do you have a fixed shopping list or do you buy what's on special offer?

Do you feel any embarrassment in handing over piles of coupons at the checkout?

What about the RFQS (reduced for quick sale) shelves. Do you not give them a second glance, a furtive sideways glance as if not really interested, or push your way to the front in case you are missing something?

Perhaps you do it all on line and don't demean yourself by joining in the rough and tumble at the physical store.

  Forum Editor 12:42 22 Aug 2012

We do most of our shopping in-store, but we occasionally get groceries delivered. I unashamedly use vouchers, and eagerly search out special offers.

For the first time ever I received a call from Ocado this morning, telling me that they noticed we hadn't shopped with them for some time, and asking me if there was any particular reason. When I said that we needed to shop around for lower prices I was immediately offered discount vouchers, and these have just arrived via email.

Times are getting tougher in food retailing.

  Condom 12:46 22 Aug 2012

Her indoors always seems to have the best intentions and often creates a little pile of vouchers she has collected from various places. Trouble is by the time we get round to using them they are normally out of date. Such is life ;-)

  Aitchbee 13:02 22 Aug 2012

Two days ago I noticed that there was a delay at the checkout.The reason being a man & woman had deliberately removed several red '30% off' stickers and had stuck them on other items.The experienced man at the till was wise to their criminal ruse; the storemanager quickly appeared on the scene and gave them a robust verbal warning "Never come in here again". The thieves were foreign and the shop was my local Lidl.

  Aitchbee 13:14 22 Aug 2012

p.s. the chap at the till said to his boss "That security guard is hopeless...he should have spotted them!"

  Bing.alau 15:12 22 Aug 2012

My regular places to buy are Aldi and Lidl. Three years ago shopping there was easy and quick as well as cheap. But now that the recession is striking home I notice that the posher people, who used to turn up their noses when I told them where I shopped, are crowding me out. I wish they had all stayed in Debenhams or Waitrose or wherever it was they used to shop.

I shouldn't be saying this but you can't beat them for price or quality.

I'm not too proud to shop in Home & Bargain occasionally either.

  Kevscar1 15:24 22 Aug 2012

Costco massive saving on some items we also have a freezer place done by Junc 12 that sells over runs or slightly damaged stuff which is made for high class restaurants. Prices are so low we usually get over £300 worth for £100. Massive top quality pies for a fiver that do the 2 of us for 4 meals. 4 litrs of the best rum and Raisen icecreaam I have ever tasted £5

  SimpleSimon1 15:25 22 Aug 2012

Always use Poundland for batteries (e.g. £1 for 12 AAs - may not last quite as long as Duracells but, at that price, who cares) and basic tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, Spanners, paint brush sets etc.

Well noticeable that, these days, shop regulars appear to be a mix of all 'classes' and I guess that's a sign of the times

  Blackhat 15:27 22 Aug 2012

Mrs B shops with a list but spends ages cross matching brands, ie will 6 of this size be better value than 4 of that size. Typically with things like multi packs and offers.

We noticed last week in our local large name supermarket they had a special offer of buy 2 for £3 but nothing to highlight the same product and size in a multi pack of 4 for £4.50.

  ams4127 20:26 22 Aug 2012

Up until about a year ago I always shopped in my local Tesco supermarket. It was fairly small which meant That I could get in, shop and get out again as quickly as possible.

Then they shut it down for four months, quadrupled it's size and you now need a map and compass to find where the one product you want is displayed and some form of motorised transport to get round. It's usually half empty.

Lidl for me from now on. I can do the full weekly shop in 15 minutes.

I've nothing against coupons, just never used them in my life.

  Aitchbee 21:20 22 Aug 2012

ams4127 - regarding 'motorised transport to get around'...I avoid my local Co-op ['cos it's helluva dear] and get the public bus, a ten minute 'trip' to Lidl, which is a much better supermarket...then get the bus back home.

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