Surely I'm not in a minority?

  Sapins 11:11 01 Nov 2004

Morning all.

Tempting Providence, what do I care!!!

I have XP Home working beautifully, I have SP2 installed and have had no problems at all. I've had brilliant Technical Support from Gateway who I bought the system from, sadly they no longer sell in Europe, Only problem in four years, a failed hard drive in the first year, and Gateway sent someone to my house to replace it, I would have a free 24/24 helpline still available If I had kept 98SE, though I could put this on a dual boot or another system, and If I phone "out of hours" I'm passed to someone in the USA on a similar time.

I have just had an offer I couldn't refuse from Wanadoo, double your broadband speed to 2.4mb for no price increase. Took it of course, now so quick I'm reading tomorrows papers;-), anyone want the winner of the 2-30?

Only little cloud on the horizon is with an optical mouse, but I can "see" being sorted, I e-mailed tech support for it Friday and got a very helpful reply this morning, which If the advice works I will post to my "Rampant Mickey" thread.

I'm in the process of perusing lot's of sites from my super duper revolving chair bought for £5, no, I don't get the sites from the chair ;-), although there's a thought, searching out upgrade options and a new clear plastic case.

I am not in dispute with any supplier!

I am now going out to buy extra lottery tickets before all this starts to resemble a well known fruit!

What can I say, Computers, I love em:-)



  wallbash 12:05 01 Nov 2004

Been in the same position. computer working like a dream. Home network fine, all toys doing well.

Then I get bored , try something new, change the way some thing works ( it will improve , honest!)
System crashes (doh! )

Then i'm really happy .... sad I know!

Computers .. don't you just love them ???

  spuds 12:33 01 Nov 2004

That's what I like about a person..Confidence ;o))

  whatsupdoc 13:07 01 Nov 2004

what will we all do now nothing has gone wrong with sp2 or moaning at dixons stores for something.

  It's Me 14:56 01 Nov 2004

It's at a time like this that it is wise to check that the ceiling isn't about to fall on your head.

When you believe that you know what you are doing, you clearly haven't read all the instructions and are really in no position to come to such a conclusion.

  oresome 19:39 01 Nov 2004

Sapins is still under the influence of gas, following a visit to the dentist. Once it wears off, reality will quickly re-establish itself.

  Sapins 19:55 01 Nov 2004

Now, Now, oresome, I've told you dentists don't use gas here, pity really could do with a good laugh;-)

  Dorsai 19:57 01 Nov 2004

I blame statisticks (which i can't spell).

There have to be a few users out there for whome it is all Roses.

Just like there are some where every HDD fails after 14 months, every fan stops spinning, and, in general, the Midas Touch results in freshly produced Manure, instead of gold.

  josie mayhem 20:26 01 Nov 2004

Igorance is to blame, in the case of computers it diffantly isn't bliss!

Had a few sticky moments, and on one occassion several runs to pcworld, before I relaised that it wasn't cpu or memory which was causeing problems, but in fact the motherboard was duff!

But todays problems stem from me, several hours trying to get the modem back on line, after turning the power supply off, all I was doing was unplugging the hover (next stocket)

  Dorsai 21:08 01 Nov 2004

"But today's problems stem from me, several hours trying to get the modem back on line, after turning the power supply off, all I was doing was unplugging the hover (next socket)"

We have all had the D'Oh moment, when it is suddenly realised that the reason the 'item' wont work is because it is turned off. and we have been turning on/off the switch for something else.

It gets more awkward when you call out a service engineer, and he walks in, turns the mains on, gives me an invoice for 'call out' @ £120.00, and leaves 5 seconds later. How to explain to Boss?

  Sethhaniel 10:45 02 Nov 2004

doing what it does - the only trouble is we like to meddle - and thats when they object - And I think Bill Gates in his wisdom brought in system restore just for us meddlers ;)

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