Supermarket own brand tablets

  Quickbeam 11:14 05 Dec 2013

are reaching new markets I see on the PCA site.

I wonder if Poundland will get into this market too.

  finerty 12:16 05 Dec 2013

maybe a tyoy one for quid

  spuds 13:20 05 Dec 2013

I note that PCA have stated that the Argos MyTablet "isn't in stock presently", and I could perhaps say the same for the Tesco Hudl version, which my local superstores appear to have problems on deliveries.

Why not get into the own brand Tablet act yourself, others have. click here

  Forum Editor 14:12 05 Dec 2013

I am currently using a Tesco Hudl - evaluating it - and I must say I have been very pleasantly surprised. It's a very capable device, and at £119 it is quite frankly one of the bargains of the year.. if you can get one.

It has been so successful that Tesco have been caught out, and have run out of stock for online sales, although there may be a few in stores. They are working fat out to get more into the stores before Christmas.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:39 05 Dec 2013

"They are working fat out to get more into the stores before Christmas."

Does that mean they are going to be skinny by Chrismas?

  woodchip 22:27 05 Dec 2013

I bought a Hudl, and so pleased I bought my 51year old daughter one. they are as good as you are going to get for the money. as she does not have a Land Line but got a T-Mobile 3Gig per month Dongle, I bought a 3G TP Link from Maplin so she can connect the Hudl and Laptop by WiFi to the Net both at the same time on offer at the moment £50, took the sim out of Dongle and fitted in the TP Link 3G WiFi Pebble.

Hudl does not have 3G but does have WiFi hence the above, so it can be used anywhere

  Quickbeam 09:06 06 Dec 2013

Now I think about it, I think it makes sense to have such cheap tablets. When they first appeared they were quite exclusive toys with limited computing power and a big price tag, now people are seeing them as pocketable readers, music players, newspapers, surfers and I can even operate a camera remotely through one with the Lumix wireless remote app.

  spuds 09:59 06 Dec 2013

Checking with my local Aldi stores, it would appear that supplies of the tablet that they hope to sell, will not be available at all stores, and those stores are not sure if it will be them?.

Seems rather state of affairs, when the likes of Argos, Tesco and Aldi are advertising 'wanted' products before the run-up to Christmas, yet are unable to cover possible expected demands?.

  SimpleSimon1 10:01 06 Dec 2013


"I am currently using a Tesco Hudl - evaluating it - and I must say I have been very pleasantly surprised"

If possible, when you've finished the evaluation, I would be very interested to hear you thoughts re performance, screen quality, pros and cons, overall conclusion etc. Of course, if you're doing this for an article to be published, just point me in the direction of the article and I'll buy the relevant mag

Many thanks for all your hard work during the year and happy unmentionable....oops, of course, we can mention it, now....Happy Christmas

  woodchip 15:08 06 Dec 2013

The Aldi Tablet is poor quality in that it is low on Resolution and Cameras are only 2meg for main back one front for web is a mere 0.3meg.

Hudl tops this by far, as I said it would be nice to have a 3G slot and bigger monitor size but you have to pay big bucks for them

  rdave13 16:58 06 Dec 2013

I've just noticed on Jock1e's link that the tablet comes with '30 day test versions' of some software. Oh no, already starting with crapware; the same as new Laptops suffer.

I suppose it was only a matter of time.

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