Supermarket fuel price cuts

  Al94 07:36 10 May 2011

From today click here

  Quickbeam 07:41 10 May 2011

A fuel BOGOF would be more appreciated.

  zzzz999 07:47 10 May 2011

Ban commodity speculation. The thought that people can be starving because JP Morgan are playing speculators with food and so pricing it out of the poorests mouth to improve profit margin by 0.01% is obscene. Similar nonsense is going on with crude prices which you and I are paying the cost of in our tanks.

  interzone55 09:55 10 May 2011

Nice, just after I filled up yesterday...

  ams4127 12:47 10 May 2011

A couple of weeks ago I spent a week with my daughter in Norwich. At Sainsburys petrol was 133.9p/litre. Two miles away BP were selling for 139.9/litre and had people queuing up to get fuel.

Very strange.

  interzone55 13:02 10 May 2011

It's the same all over.

Some people think "brand name" fuel, like BP & Shell, is better than "own brand" fuel in supermarkets. They don't seem to realise that it comes out of the same hole in the ground, and the same tanks in the refinery.

Yes, BP & Shell have superior fuels with additives, but they're even more expensive.

Near where I work Tesco have diesel at £140.9 (yesterday's price), but the BP station at the other side of the junction was £143.9. It's just most people use the BP garage because it's just before the motorway slip road...

  spuds 13:12 10 May 2011

I mentioned in another thread the other day, that our local Tesco filling station was forming queues for £1.32 litre and an independent was about 7pence dearer, with virtually no trade. A expert at the time was stating that oil prices had come down, and there was no need for increases at the pumps. It looks like his comments were correct.

Was going to fill up yesterday but decided not to, maybe tomorrow?.

  peter99co 14:21 10 May 2011

For the independent garage to supply a cheaper fuel he would have to buy from the fuel depot a huge volume (30.000 galls) of fuel.

Because he only buys small amounts he has to pay almost as much as a supermarket sells at. This 7p extra he charges probably gives him 2p profit per liter.

  lucky1 15:49 10 May 2011

The BP filling station situated a few hundred yards from the Grangemouth Oil Refinery has the dearest fuel around this area!

  GJC60 16:18 10 May 2011

Sainsburys and Tesco near where I live are both £139.9 for 4* and £140.9 for diesel. In my experience Tesco round this way is always the first to put its prices up, and also charges different prices at its own forecourts. The other week while driving in The New Forest one garage had diesel at £146.9 needless to say I did not stop there.

  BT 16:41 10 May 2011

our local Tesco filling station was forming queues

Could be people using their 5p/litre off vouchers for spending £50 in store.

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