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Sunglasses and Glare

  sunnystaines 09:49 18 Jun 2014

I wear normal varifocal glasses,But I also suffer greatly from glare where the sun reflects off parked car and glass etc.

I have a pair of over sunglasses that go over my normal glasses they are polaroid "eagle-eyes" in the opticians they prove good in a test set up, but in real out and about still let too much glare in.

I was wondering if anyone knows any sunglasses that are above the average for cutting out glare.

Also considering a change to "transitions" rapid change lens but the opticians say they are poor for blocking bright glare.

tried some 4 euro ones on in a tourist tatt store in Spain recently no make other than made PRC they were good but did not trust them for being safe blocking uva/uvb light.

any advice tips on what to try out.

  BT 11:30 19 Jun 2014

MechKB 2

*As for Transitions not working in a car.... So in what way do they not work?*

Its all to do with the laminated windscreen filtering out almost all of the UV light which Transitions lenses need in order to darken.

See here - Why don't Transitions lenses work in the car?

  muddypaws 10:07 21 Jun 2014

I have used clip on polaroids for many years and never had any problems. Good thing about them is if you are about to drive in to a tunnel you can flip then up.

Last ones cost £5 from eBay, but chec k the lens sizes first.

  sunnystaines 17:07 21 Jun 2014

this is what I have at the moment they fit over the top of my normal glasses click here googling blublockers and have a feeling they are the same outfit as eagle eyes the info on the web is very similar.

I was hoping the blublocker viper would fit over my normal glasses click here no phone number to ring to ask.

been but

  BT 18:10 21 Jun 2014


I don't think the Viper style will fit over your normal glasses. They are a contoured wrap around style and just won't accommodate your normal ones underneath. I have a pair of the 'Original' style which do fit over your normal Specs, but the pair of Vipers that I have most certainly won't.

  sunnystaines 20:31 21 Jun 2014

bt thanks

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