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Sunglasses and Glare

  sunnystaines 09:49 18 Jun 2014

I wear normal varifocal glasses,But I also suffer greatly from glare where the sun reflects off parked car and glass etc.

I have a pair of over sunglasses that go over my normal glasses they are polaroid "eagle-eyes" in the opticians they prove good in a test set up, but in real out and about still let too much glare in.

I was wondering if anyone knows any sunglasses that are above the average for cutting out glare.

Also considering a change to "transitions" rapid change lens but the opticians say they are poor for blocking bright glare.

tried some 4 euro ones on in a tourist tatt store in Spain recently no make other than made PRC they were good but did not trust them for being safe blocking uva/uvb light.

any advice tips on what to try out.

  johndrew 10:08 18 Jun 2014

Sunglasses can be made in many different densities and to suit your needs. I suggest you approach a good optician or supplier and ask if they are able to either modify your over lenses or make a new set. It is likely to be expensive but once you have what suits you that is the end of it.

In terms of cost, it may help if I tell you that a lens in an expensive pair of Police brand sunglasses cost £80 to replace, but it matched perfectly in density was as good as the original.

  spuds 11:11 18 Jun 2014

I think a lot of this depends on the optician you use, and the range of products that they sell. So it might pay to visit another optician for a quick chat and perhaps second opinion?.

  bumpkin 13:55 18 Jun 2014

Jock1e, only suitable for when you are on the Piste then.

  bumpkin 15:51 18 Jun 2014

Sorry to hear that you have given up. I too will be giving Geneva a miss this year if that is any consolation:-))

  Ex plorer 17:00 18 Jun 2014

I have been use transitions for about five years and agree they don't block all the glare.

Next year I will ask about Transitions Extra Active they say they are good for driving do the usual for protection go darker but have a slight tint rather than clear glass as with normal Transitions.

  BT 17:30 18 Jun 2014

Transitions don't work in the car as they need UV to work and car windscreens block UV. Don't know about the Extra Active ones.

I've had Varifocal + Transitions for many years and find them OK for most things. If I need extra when driving I have a pair of Polarised BluBlockers as overspecs which block reflections and have a brown/orange colour which enhance colour rendering and contrast but don't stop you being able to see traffic lights etc.

BluBlocker Sunglasses

  morddwyd 19:56 18 Jun 2014

I have age related WMD and it is very important that I avoid glare.

I use wraparound overglasses, particularly for driving.

I have three pairs within reach in the car, a normal dark pair, for bright sunlight (don't get used that often!), a copper pair for bright overcast, and a yellow pair for dull, they increase contrast quite well.

Conversely to the popular view, I avoid polarised, for me they cut out a bit too much.

You should find something suitable here

click here

  sunnystaines 22:17 18 Jun 2014

bt thanks for the link i remember the blublockers ads years ago, have not seen them for ages.

  BT 08:06 19 Jun 2014


I think I bought mine from QVC about 10 years ago. They were about £20 a pair then but are a bit more expensive now, but I think they're worth it as they are well made and mine are still going strong. If you want to use them as overspecs the 'Original' style works best. The lenses on mine are shaded - darker at the top, lighter at the bottom. I also have a pair of the 'Viper' style which are polarised ones but don't really fit over your normal specs.

Strange how the Amazon price was £39.99 yesterday and is £40.99 this morning?

  BT 08:28 19 Jun 2014

MechKB 2

My normal glasses are Varifocals with Transitions so most of the time they are sufficient, but if I need extra while driving, as transitions don't work inside the car, I just put my BluBlockers on over my specs. Probably looks a bit strange but as I'm in the car no-one really sees. You really need a largish pair of sunglasses to do this but its no more strange than wearing Safety Glasses over your normal glasses, although when I was at work we were provided with Prescription Safety Glasses if we wanted them.

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