The sun is shining, strawberries are in season, it's beta testing time again

  Forum Editor 22:44 01 Jul 2014

There will be a new version of Norton Internet Security software launched in the autumn, and as with previous versions, Norton has asked us if we can run a test program of the beta software.

As before, the lucky testers will each get a free licence for the new version when it launches, but this time the licence will be for up to ten devices.

There is a strict limit on the number of licences available this time, so if you would like to take part in the test please apply as soon as possible.

Email me at: [email protected] telling me that you would like to participate. Provide me with your real name and forum name, and your email address. Do NOT apply by posting in this thread - I can only accept email applications.

The test will start in around ten days time, so please don't delay. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

  Graham* 00:16 03 Jul 2014

Strawberries may be in season but in Morrisons they're from Spain.

  Forum Editor 08:01 03 Jul 2014

Thank you for the applications received so far. There's still room for more, so keep the emails coming.

  sunnystaines 17:56 06 Jul 2014

is there a start date for the beta?

  Forum Editor 18:34 06 Jul 2014


It's likely to be very soon - sometime this week I think. We're waiting for more information from Norton.

As soon as I know, I'll be writing to everyone who has shown an interest.

  sunnystaines 07:28 07 Jul 2014


  sunnystaines 21:14 09 Jul 2014

apparently the beta has a new part included called norton back up. Hope its like the old norton ghost program.

  Forum Editor 06:50 11 Jul 2014

It's time to get started.

I'll be emailing everyone on the test panel this evening.

  sunnystaines 10:09 12 Jul 2014


I had an email yesterday from norton to test the beta, is this what you arranged? or are you sending a seperate link for the PCA group testters?

  Aitchbee 19:59 12 Jul 2014

I have applied to take part in the Beta Test but have not yet received any verification [via e-mail from the Forum Editor or Norton] to confirm this. Has my application been rejected?

  sunnystaines 20:54 12 Jul 2014

aitchbee I think perhaps there may be a delay by norton sending info to fe, as he normally sends his own link to download from. I think yesterdays email on norton beta maybe from norton info from prev betas but not sure thats why I posted to clear up the point.

just hope the download goes smoother than last year.

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