That Summer Feeling Of Being Outdoors

  Menzie 12:57 03 Jul 2019

Now that summer is upon us everyone it seems wants to be outside. I've had calls and texts inviting me to events such as carnival and Ribfest.

I've noticed over the last few years however I just don't like being in such events. I've gotten to a point now where being in a crowd outside on a sweltering day sounds truly awful.

I prefer being indoors in the comfort of my air conditioning watching a good movie. Or if I go outside sitting in a quiet garden and reading a book.

When in school summer was magical, that long period of no school. The family holiday and the day trips out. It all seems a distant memory now.

How do you all spend your summer? Anything special or is it just another season to you?

  Aitchbee 14:21 03 Jul 2019

On summer nights I like nothing more than sitting out in my big verandah tending my little apple trees etc, looking for any signs of fruit or disease and seeing how my other potted plants are fairing; round about 11pm is when the bats can be seen and heard flitting about overhead. The humdrum noise of the traffic is noticeably absent except for night buses passing by every half-hour or so. Watering the plants is almost a nightly affair when there hasn't been rain for a while.

I like the quiet life.

Ribfest? would that be a barbecue party or a Ribena-drinking do ;o]

  oresome 19:15 03 Jul 2019

It's called getting older Menzie.

  Menzie 22:51 03 Jul 2019

Aitchbee - In the summer they have all kinds of food events here. Ribfest is kept at a huge park or grounds and various award winning vendors set up booths to sell their menu. It's a good day to wear elastic waist trousers.

There is also Jerk Fest which instead of ribs offers Jamaican style jerk. They have everything from Jerk hotdogs to Jerk Kangaroo.

I've been to both in the past but some of the line ups for the most popular vendors could be two hours.

  Govan1x 06:49 04 Jul 2019

I have an exciting life watching the clock. Time to get up, Time to go to bed.. The bonus is I am still watching the clock.

  Govan1x 06:49 04 Jul 2019

I have an exciting life watching the clock. Time to get up, Time to go to bed.. The bonus is I am still watching the clock.

  Govan1x 06:51 04 Jul 2019

Oops not sure why that happened. Must be my excitement over for the day.

  john bunyan 07:23 04 Jul 2019

Govan 1x

A song for you from a film I remember.

yankee at King Arthur’s Court

  john bunyan 07:24 04 Jul 2019

PS . It’s usually HB that replies with a ditty!

  john bunyan 07:30 04 Jul 2019
  john bunyan 12:11 04 Jul 2019


Have you gone back to bed?

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