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  sean-278262 14:25 30 Oct 2004

I have been a long term user of PCA and have since spent many long and wasted hours online, in that time I have seen the world (the virtual one anyway) and experienced it flavours. My question to PCA is why has the forum style not been updated.

And no I dont mean a completely new style of site or a colour change I'm asking why dont we have statistics, such as how many times a thread has been viewed or how many times a user has posted. What about a reminder email to people who seemingly forget to close their posts. I look in my postings and see many threads that have not been closed and by now must have been resolved (even I am a culpret there).

I have always felt that this forum has a sense of community, but when I have a problem I find it reassuring to look at the thread (on other sites) and see there have been numerous views, it makes me feel like something is being done and not feel as helpless.

Any other suggestions, I'm sure people here all feel that the site is not perfect (nearly but not quite there).

Also a final note I only use this forum as I buy the magazine, I never feel right using a forum to help me unless I in some way repay the owners. Am I the only fool in the world like this?

Many Thanks Creature.

  Dorsai 14:47 30 Oct 2004

I suspect that this is because this site is much larger that others.

This site has 152,000 members.

Some sites have only a few hundered. I suspect the extra load on the servers that would be generated by such changes would grind it to a halt.

The sites i have seen that give the extra data you mention end up saying 'guests 24' 'registered members 4' etc...Not hard to display when only in single or double figures.

How many now here I cant say, FE would have to be consulted.

  sean-278262 15:04 30 Oct 2004

I dont want to know who is logged in but rather how many posts a person has made and to link to see those posts. I'm sure many people would rather know that the person whoms suggestions they are taking are a heavy poster rather than someone with ony a half dozen posts (not to say this poster couldnt be knowledgable but there is a sense of security in knowing I can check out other posts of said user). I certainly would like to know if I was a newbe to the forum that the person is trustable having given sound advice in the past.

I know you are a heavy poster Dorsai, so am I. I would hope that people trust you, I certainly do and have found your advice useful.

I just feel that a few small changes would go a long way to making this forum one of the best in the world. I would certainly rank it in the top 5 now, so who's knowing how good it could be made.

Anyway I will leave this thread open for a few days, and now I'm off for a few hours.

PS I have closed off all my open threads now that are "resolved" (only 3 but it makes a difference).

  Forum Editor 16:05 30 Oct 2004

when we used to send emails to people, asking them to put the green tick on threads that had been resolved. It wasn't that successful as a policy, and involved additional work at our end, so we discontinued the practice.

I have always felt that the number of times a person has posted is largely irrelevant - and smacks of a ranking system, which I would personally like to avoid at all costs. Everyone's equal here, and many's the time I've seen problems resolved by people who have hardly any posting history - they just happened to know the answer. I think those forums which have ranking systems are incredibly naff - why on earth call someone "God" simply because he/she has posted a thousand times or so? It's the quality of posting that's important, not the quantity.

As for the number of responses in a thread - we already have that information, in the right-hand column of the thread lists in each forum area. The number of times a thread has been viewed is largely irrelevant I would have thought - it's the responses that are important.

  sidecar sid 16:54 30 Oct 2004

I would have to agree with the FE on this one
I think the success of the forum is largely down to it's simplicity of use. The no frills layout, the lack of member status (were all just members and that’s the way it should be) no distracting avatars or smileys and no trying to decide which one of the twenty or so forums to post on.

  VoG II 17:08 30 Oct 2004

"why on earth call someone "God" simply because he/she has posted a thousand times or so?"

I could not agree more! On (which I visit very rarely now), you can become a Board Master simply by posting 50 trivial questions.

  spikeychris 17:24 30 Oct 2004

"why on earth call someone "God" simply because he/she has posted a thousand times or so?" Its obviously an incentive to post. This does not take into account the quality of the post, just how many times he/she has hit the send button.

There was a similar thread awhile ago stating that he/she would only click a "click here" if the person who posted it was a regular helper??

Sometimes someone here will get something wrong - its bound to happen. This is a computer community bouncing ideas and suggestions.

  Forum Editor 18:02 30 Oct 2004

The someone here who will get something wrong is me. It happens in the best of families, and I would hate to think that would be perceived as a weakness. I think the fact that we are a community of people with widely diverse skill-sets and experience is our strength. I can think of nothing more boring than a room-full of experts, all vying with one another to be right all the time.

Let's benefit from the experience we've gained over the last four years and stay exactly as we are, it seems to have been moderately successful - we're still here anyway.

  spikeychris 18:10 30 Oct 2004

Is that a subliminal message saying moderate'd' successful'ly'

  Forum Editor 18:45 30 Oct 2004

As a famous person once said:

"You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment".

  shizzy 22:10 30 Oct 2004

Being a regular helper if you pick up malware, as you did, you can easily sort it whereas I am nowhere near as proficient and will continue to be wary of click heres if I do not feel confident with the poster.

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