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  john bunyan 21:15 13 Jul 2019

We seem to be seeing a lot of spam from first time posters. Couldn’t the site team somehow have an algorithm that detects first time posters? Of course we need new people but there should be some sort of filter. Not sure how!!

  wee eddie 22:38 13 Jul 2019

I don't really see it as a problem

  grumpy old man 23:16 13 Jul 2019

hi john , what really baffles me is why some people even bother spamming , some are simple 1 liners whilst others are half a page.

surely there own common sense ought to tell them it will be spotted , reported and removed.

BTW I got "reprimanded" by a guy ranting about none technical stuff on a tech site , I just asked if he knew why the tab he had ranted on was called "speakers corner"

  Govan1x 00:01 14 Jul 2019

Some of them add a click here that leads to a dodgy site.

So I agree with JB. Stop them before they can cause damage would be the best way. But almost impossible to do I would imagine.

  Old Deuteronomy 09:57 14 Jul 2019

Stop first time posters and it will be the death of this forum, as existing members drift away and new members are turned away.

  morddwyd 10:12 14 Jul 2019

I'm with Wee Eddie.

I don't see it as a problem.

  WhirlingRound 11:43 14 Jul 2019

I know of three possible solutions.

  1. Keep the post-moderation, but introduce a flagging function.

Each post is initially displayed, but with a 'report spam' link for logged in users (guests cannot report). Reported posts are then hidden, and replaced by a message: 'This is awaiting moderation', or words to that effect. The system alerts the FE, who can then reinstate or bin the posts. The posters of obvious spam get banned instantly. To avoid misuse of the reporting facility, each user's report is logged, and anyone repeatedly flagging innocent posts will be warned / banned. Reports for reinstated posts can be checked to prevent the 'report this' link being used repeatedly.

  1. Subject all new members to pre-moderation, and let the FE decide whether or not to publish. After a set period of time, or a number of genuine posts submitted, the pre-moderated user then becomes post-mod.

  2. Implement a rep-captcha or Google anti-spam feature during the registration phase.

I did build a multi-user website as a research experiment sometime ago, and used several online services to detect and advise of any security holes. Detectify was one, and it did an excellent job, but there are others. What IDG do I don't know.

  WhirlingRound 11:45 14 Jul 2019

Oops! The numbering got mixed up there with 1 coming up twice.

  Govan1x 19:50 14 Jul 2019

Spammers do not bother me that much but on the other hand they should not be allowed on here to peddle their wares without paying their dues.

it is the spammers that lead you to dodgy sites that is the main problem. They get paid for promoting those sites and we might well have our computers compromised by them.

i think PCA run a good and fair site and delete the most obvious spammers as soon as the can.. just think how bad this site could be if spammers were allowed to run riot.

A nice smooth running Forum is what we want and that is what we normally get. But there has been an influx of spammers lately and we do not need them.

  morddwyd 21:08 14 Jul 2019

whirlinground (not sure if that's the name as I can't read it)

There is a small anonymous band who report suspected spam to the FE as soon as they see it.

Such a button as you suggest would not speed things up much.

  WhirlingRound 22:19 14 Jul 2019

morddwyd, you got my username right. What makes you think a single button would not speed up the spam reporting process?

It would be a single click by a logged in user. Behind the scenes, that would update a table of reported entries. FE would be informed automatically. All within a split second. A successful lookup before the FE has a chance to act on it would prevent the post being displayed.

I have never used the spam reporting facility because I always see the usual 'SPAM - FE informed' post by others. I'm sure that is not automatic, and the post remains visible until FE deletes it.

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