Sugar and taste buds, which is true

  rickf 12:59 09 Aug 2018

It seems to me that granulated sugar is not as sweet as it used to be or have my taste buds become less sensitive over the years. Your experience of this if any?

  wee eddie 13:21 09 Aug 2018

As a matter of interest, do you use a Denture Fixative.

If you do, check whether it has Zinc in its ingredients.

Ingestion of Zinc can numb the taste buds and harm the nerve ends in your feet and fingers. I stopped using Zinc based Fixative over 6 months ago and, although the side effects have reduced, my taste, smell and the feeling in my feet and hands have not yet returned to normal.

  Govan1x 13:38 09 Aug 2018

I still use 1 teaspoon of sugar in my mug of coffee and it just tastes the same to me.

Maybe you have changed your make of sugar I suppose there could be differences with different brands.

I think milk is a bit more watery but I have been told that cannot happen.

  rickf 13:57 09 Aug 2018

Interesting replies. No I do not use denture fixative and I have not changed brands. Just seems to be that my tea and coffee taste less sweet with two teaspoons. I am loathed to add more.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:04 09 Aug 2018

Sugar is addictive and like most addictive drugs you crave more and more as time goes on and your addiction grows.

You can either wean yourself off it or go "cold turkey", as most diabetic suffers have had to do, my wife gave it up and now she can't stand anything too sweet.

The above was written by a fat, toothless, sugar addict. (three spoonfuls in my tea )

  Aitchbee 14:14 09 Aug 2018

Similar experience, only with coffee. I've slowly increase from 2 heaped teaspoonfuls to at least 3 to get the same caffeine 'kick'. I've also changed to 'coffe-mate' whitener as I was throwing away too much milk which went unused in the fridge. No sugar or sweeteners required for my palate although when on occasions that I add milk in my coffee it tastes a lot sweeter than it did previously.

  Govan1x 14:26 09 Aug 2018


maybe you are using stronger tea bags or keeping them in the cup a bit longer than normal.


It seems freezing milk is the new thing to do. maybe not that new, Maybe try that.

  oresome 14:34 09 Aug 2018

I think taste generally declines with advancing years although I've not noticed the effect with sugar, but I have never added it to drinks.

I will sprinkle sugar on some breakfast cereals to enhance the flavour, but no more than I've ever done and never on my usual Fruit and Fibre cereal. I prefer salt on porridge.

  Forum Editor 15:15 09 Aug 2018

I gave up adding sugar to anything several years ago, and now I can detect even the smallest amount of sugar in anything. It's surprising, how rapidly you get used to not adding sugar.

One consequence however, was that I found coffee and tea with milk and no sugar less attractive so I gave up adding milk. I got used to that pretty quickly, too.

  wee eddie 15:55 09 Aug 2018

Just an idea, may I recommend the Singbulli, Best value I have found in the UK, so far but the First Flush teas may be a little too light for you.

I make my tea in a Latte Glass. 1 teaspoon is sufficient and the leaves sink before it is cool enough to drink.

p.s. you can refresh the 1st Flush Leaves with a second fill of, just boiled, water. 100 grams will give you between 60 and 80 glasses

  rickf 16:05 09 Aug 2018

I have always liked strong tea and coffee so it's not the tea or coffee. Maybe my taste buds have lost some of it's sensitivity. Not adding anymore sugar though as if my sensitivity is to recover, by whatever means, sweetening the beverage would impede any possible progress.

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