spikeychris 20:34 16 May 2006

Friend of mine has just had his driver’s door window smashed and his glove box pried open. Why? Well – his windscreen had a sucker mark!

He has Sat nav.

click here

Be aware.

  Forum Editor 20:55 16 May 2006

I recently left my car in an Edinburgh hotel carpark overnight, with the satnav on full display. I remembered it just as I was settling down to sleep, and was too lazy to get up and do anything about it.

It was still OK in the morning, but perhaps I've used up my luck. I'll be more careful from now on.

  g0nvs 21:02 16 May 2006

I've had two stolen. Not as lucky as you FE.

  ade.h 21:09 16 May 2006

I keep my "satnav" in the door pocket. It folds out on my lap....

  mammak 21:27 16 May 2006

It seems nothing is safe these days, my other half is a self employed taxi driver and is of the understanding that because his satnav is chipped and pinned to the company he sub contracts from it is safe I personaly dont think a theif will consider that and his opinion is I am just nagging him regarding ensuring it is brought home and stored when not in use but on his head be it.
ps. thanks for bringing this to our attention spikeychris.

pss. Lucky you FE that you escaped from the City
with all intact but hey Edinburgh is sooo lovely.

  martjc 22:10 16 May 2006

...there was a thing on t.v. very recently that indicated satnav devices as the most stealable item in your car at the moment.
£300 in a pocket sized case? Sure it is!
Beware all satnav owners.

  Jackcoms 09:28 17 May 2006

I keep my 'satnav' on full display on the rear parcel shelf.

It's called a map book and it's never yet taken me down a dead end, 360 miles (or whatever) out of my way or down a privately owned lane. ;-)

  martjc 09:31 17 May 2006

...people are getting far too lazy, that's how the inventers of these gadgets get so rich, so fast.

  ade.h 13:19 17 May 2006

My point exactly!

  €dstowe 14:50 17 May 2006

Not far from me is a village which has a ford (you know, a road with water running across it).

The local garage has built up quite a business of late towing vehicles out of the water after they have been led down the road by their sat nav, completely ignoring all the road signs telling them not to cross the ford after recent rain.

The victims' attitude is that the sat nav must be right and the road warning signs wrong.

  johndrew 14:57 17 May 2006

Given the recent press on satnav devices trying to send people over a cliff, you can always hope that those who purloined said equipment use it on the same requested route!!!!

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