Sturgeon fires the starting pistol on IndyRef ll

  Quickbeam 12:15 13 Mar 2017

She's now gone past the back out position, it's very likely to happen now.

BBC Link

  Teabag. 13:25 13 Mar 2017

If parliament gives them permission. I can't see a new referendum being allowed till the queen departs. I don't think she would be to pleased with anyone who wishes to reduce her deminishing commonwealth. Is that the right term?

As for if Charles gets in, most people might vote to get rid of the monarchy.

  Aitchbee 13:38 13 Mar 2017

Sturgeon fires the starting pistol on IndyRef II

John Pienaar, the Deputy Political Editor for BBC News, described it more like a tug-of-war, and that if anyone says that politics was boring, they should wash their mouths out with soap!

  LastChip 14:49 13 Mar 2017

What is really puzzling to me (as an outsider), is how could the Scottish people vote sensibly without knowing the result of the EU negotiations.

It seems to me it's predicated on Scotland being forced out of the EU, but just maybe, it'll be better off outside than in. Prior to knowing the results of negotiations, how can anyone make a sensible decision?

Quite clearly, with the current state of Scottish finances, it would place the Scottish people in a more precarious position than is currently the case. Loss of Barnet, would mean a significant hole in the finances.

Then of course, she wishes to tie you all in to the EU. Having just left one Union, you'll be joining a far more restrictive one. Nothing is logical (to me) or makes sense. Not to mention the EU would demand their payments amounting to millions of Euros. Yes, of course, you'll all have to join the Euro to become a member of the EU. If she wanted you all simply to be independent, that I can understand.

It's a puzzle to me, but ultimately, a choice for the Scottish people alone. It won't change my life, either way.

  wee eddie 15:28 13 Mar 2017

LastChip: you are making the assumption that those that wish to leave the Union are behaving logically.

To many of them, it doesn't matter what argument you use. They hate the English and will vote to leave regardless of the consequences

  geoff96 15:32 13 Mar 2017

It's a puzzle to me

click here

  Quickbeam 17:26 13 Mar 2017

Whatever we think of Sturgeon or Scottish independence, the timing is dead right.

In two years we will have an idea that we will be about to enter an economic Utopia or an economic wasteland.

That puts all the pressure on PM May to bear the likely outcome in mind. And that looks like being the only thing that will endear her to the Scots and tame what's seen as her total arrogance towards half the UK population.

  wee eddie 19:07 13 Mar 2017

Support the Scots. England does not need this ungrateful millstone around its neck and all that Barnet Formula money could be used at home.

Just think what the NHS could do with an extra £2.5 billion!

  Quickbeam 19:49 13 Mar 2017

On top of the £350 million a week too...

  morddwyd 20:04 13 Mar 2017

They hate the English and will vote to leave regardless of the consequences

I'm not a Scot,and I don't hate the English, but I am fed up with every UK wide electoral contest being decided by the built in English majority.

I know that's democracy and we're stuck with it, but John Major called it right recently when he referred to "the tyranny of the majority".

Independence would be a major life changer for me,because while I am in favour of independence I could not live in Nicola Sturgeon's Scotland and would have to retirn to my homeland, and at the age of eighty, having left it sixty five years ago, it is not a prospect that enchants me.

I personally think she's premature and would have been better waiting until the negative effects of Brexit start to bite in Scotland.

  Teabag. 20:45 13 Mar 2017

"but I am fed up with every UK wide electoral contest being decided by the built in English majority."

Rubbish. What about the many times that Scotland elected labour MP's and this tipped the balance on who ruled parliament.

So in this scenario Scotland voters held the tipping hand. This was the hope Sturgeon had in the 2015 election. That she would have the power over labour or the conservatives but it went disastrously wrong.

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