stupid tech related mistakes .... own up please

  grumpy old man 13:24 29 Aug 2019

C'mon folks we all done it at some time haven't we. We think we know best so we don't read the instructions or just cant resist the what if I just !!!! then it happens.

Have you done anything really stupid with any kind of tech and then had to face the consequences.

I will start it off , many years ago one of my pc's just refused to start , I did all the usual things plus spent a long time on the phone to a help desk. In the end I had to admit defeat and take the pc to a shop. The first thing they did was open the disc drawer to try and use some sort of recovery program OUCH.

You can imagine the look on my face when they opened the drawer , the reason the pc was not booting up was because the day before I had burn a music disc and left it in the machine.

PLEASE NOTE a Robbie Williams cd cannot boot up a computer not even he is that good.

  Belatucadrus 16:14 29 Aug 2019

First time I used a Linux notebook, during the initial setup procedure I entered my new password and wrote it down on a piece of paper, only somebody decided that exact moment was appropriate to ask me something and being distracted somewhere along the line I either hit the wrong key or something else equally daft. Never did work out what password I'd actually put in to get it beyond the boot screen. The help desk at HP barely knew what Linux was and were as useful as the proverbial chocolate teapot. I had to download a new distro and start from scratch, so to be positive I learned more than if I'd simply got it to work out of the box.

  oresome 18:00 29 Aug 2019

One of the first jobs I went to as a field technician was a taxi radio base station.

They were complaining of the Norman Collier effect.

I quickly ascertained that the mic lead had a worn earth braiding and confidently replaced it. Another technician had previously given me the tip to use a spare wire in the cable in parallel with the braiding to make the time between failures last longer. The taxi office mics were heavily used and the cable seldom lasted more than a few months otherwise.

Having completed the job, a test call was made and it became obvious that while the taxis could hear us, we couldn't hear them.

They were losing fares at this point and the drivers had congregated in the office so there was no pressure! I'd to get the manual out, which was always a sign to the taxi fraternity that you didn't know what you were doing.

About an hour later and much head scratching I found that the spare wire I'd used was actually not spare in this configuration and was used to switch the receiver on and off. Doh!

  grumpy old man 18:41 29 Aug 2019

Hi Oresome that takes me back to my C.B. radio days in early 80's , if we got nuisances in chats we used to say I think you mike is breaking up and explain that some power mikes had too many wires in for a basic set up , you need to cut wire x ……. lol complete silence.

  Menzie 23:49 29 Aug 2019

Not me but the tech that came to fix my first (and last) pre-built PC.

It came with a then blazing fast 52x CD-ROM drive. One day the drive opened and wouldn't close.

I called the support line and ran through all their troubleshooting (restarting PC, verifying PC is on, etc.).

They sent a tech out to my house the next day, he came in, took one look at the drive and said he needed to replace it. Of course he didn't have a replacement on him.

So off he went back to base and appeared an hour later. He installs a new drive which is dead, doesn't work at all.

He returns back to base again, this time he appears the following day and installs a new drive which works.

This was before Steam where you needed to put a disc in to play many games. It was also when my ISP would boot you off at midnight and you would have to dial a local number instead of the free one if you wanted to continue. The free times were 6:30pm-midnight Mon-Thurs then free from Friday evening until Sunday at midnight. The good old days. :-)

  oresome 08:04 30 Aug 2019

A neighbour asked me to look at her TV.

I undid the screws on the back and it slipped down out of my hands. As it did, it caught the glass nipple on the tube neck and there was the sound of an inrush of air.

Red faced I said I would have to take the set away to repair it.

I had the tube re-gunned and offered to cover the full cost of the repair, but the neighbour was having none of it and even gave me a tip!

  Border View 18:26 03 Sep 2019

My daft one is on here somewhere. I bought a new laptop and when it came I got such pleasure taking it out of the box, you know so very very carefully. Unwrapped but just could not get the lap top lid to open. Came on here to ask advice, spent ages pressing to two "buttons" without success. Then bingo, realized I was pressing the hinges on the back, turned it round and lifted the lid. Duh.

  wee eddie 19:40 03 Sep 2019

Way back when I first got a Colour Monitor, mid/late 90's, and I was a Windsurfing fanatic, I used to download pictures of my mates running considerable swells, at speed. We were quite competitive.

You may remember the downloading process, maybe an inch of screen every 10 to 15 seconds, from the top, and a whole picture could take several minutes.

Each photo had to have a very descriptive File Name as I hadn't discovered the joys of Thumbnails and I only had the File Name to tell me what it was of. I must have been using Windows '95 as, prior to that, File Names were a maximum of 8 Characters long.

  Menzie 20:28 03 Sep 2019

My car has a key fob rather than a physical key. To open it you can push a small button on the door handle.

To close it when you get out, you press the button on the door handle. On occasions where I forget to take the fob out with me the car will sound a distinct alert and not close.

While my car was in for a repair I was given a loaner. I got out of the loaner which also had a fob system and pushed the button. Everything locked as normal. I went off to do what I needed and returned.

The door wouldn't open, checking my pockets I found no fob. I looked inside and to my horror saw the fob sitting in the centre console.

I had to call a recovery service to come and open the vehicle.

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