Stunt flying

  Graham. 15:45 16 Mar 2009

For some time now, we have had a single-engined plane performing loops, rapid descents with pull-out, etc. over our residential area. Surely, this sort of thing is unlawful? If it is, who do we contact to complain?

  Clapton is God 15:50 16 Mar 2009

The CAA - if you can make out the plane's registration number click here

  carver 16:09 16 Mar 2009

You don't by any chance live near Dronfield do you.

Only this after noon there was also a single engined plane doing exactly the same thing.

  Graham. 16:16 16 Mar 2009

I'm at Halfway, right by the Derbyshire border. It's got to be the same plane.

I'll try and get some photos next time, might be able to zoom in on the number.

  Pine Man 16:19 16 Mar 2009

The minimum height an aircraft may operate over a city, town or settlement, is 1000 feet above the highest obstacle, except when taking off or landing. Generally, this is the height at which aircraft are flown when operated within the circuit of an aerodrome.

The minimum height over any other area is 500 feet. There are a number of exceptions such as when carrying out agricultural aircraft operations, when operating within a low flying training area, and when the bona fide purpose of the flight requires the aircraft to be flown at a lower height.

  carver 16:21 16 Mar 2009

If you do then the nice kind gentleman or woman needs sorting, he was doing some really stupid stunts above some houses, if he had lost control he would have come down right in the middle of them.

  wiz-king 16:24 16 Mar 2009

Unless he is in a restricted zone, no it is not unlawful.
What to you may seem a built up area can be surrounded by miles of countryside, it is not until you fly that you realise the tiny amount of countryside that is actually built on. If you phone the local aerodrome you can complain to them, they may have local noise and flight prohibitions.

  carver 16:25 16 Mar 2009

This aircraft might have started at a 1000 feet but by the time he'd finished doing his series of stunts he was less than 500 feet.

One stunt he pulled was to put it into a stall, then allow it to fall as though it's out of control.

  carver 16:27 16 Mar 2009

I was directly beneath him and can assure you there were houses all round me.

  user8 17:31 16 Mar 2009

The plane will be on radar so at least the CAA should know it's call sign?

  gardener 19:20 16 Mar 2009


We get them over our village on an almost daily basis and there is nothing more annoying for me on a quiet summer day to have the damn things droning around, cutting their engines, restarting them and generally being inconsiderate.
If it were someone on a motorbike going up and down the village street they would soon be told to stop.
I have asked our local council about the nuisance but apparently there is nothing I can do because they 'perform' at or around the legal height.

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