Students blamed for university cyber-attacks

  Cymro. 11:37 14 Sep 2018

BBC link

What I wonder is how do they get the time to do stuff like this? Perhaps they aren't actually as busy as they would have us all to believe.

  wee eddie 12:45 14 Sep 2018

When you are 19, this is an incredibly funny lark. Unfortunately, you do not appreciated the consequences.

Once upon a time, we thought it was a great idea to move a Senior Staff Member's Mini into the Main Lobby of the Faculty. Unfortunately we knocked over a rather valuable Bust in the process. They had a pretty good idea who had done it but never managed to prove anything.

Much the same thing

  Blackhat 13:38 14 Sep 2018

Wee Eddie. Following up on your story, many years ago a neighbour always left his motorbike in his front garden and the bike was a mess, never cleaned, loads of minor repairs needed etc. One weekend when he was away we put it in our back yard & spent 2 days making it look like new then wheeled it back. We never said a word and he never found out what had happened but he cleaned it every week after that.

  louislitt 03:43 04 Oct 2018

This just makes me sad. But it certainly is possible, it's not like students are studying all day. Might as well put their knowledge to some use.



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