Studded Tyres

  peter99co 15:58 07 Jan 2010

If know they are currently banned for use in GB but should they been kept for use on some emergency vehicles. Ambulance/Rescue etc.

Even Gritting Vehicles have failed in some hilly areas and may have done a better job of clearing the roads.

Their use on the odd bus may have kept people more mobile in the rural areas.

  Woolwell 15:59 07 Jan 2010

Whatever happened to snow chains? They used to be used regularly.

  Al94 16:02 07 Jan 2010

They aren't banned in UK, but could be illegal if used and damage road surface where there is no ice or snow.

  Al94 16:03 07 Jan 2010

For snow chains see here click here

  bremner 16:05 07 Jan 2010

If the tyre causes either damage to the road, or to persons, or to any vehicle using the road. This would cover such instances as if a vehicle with damaged or very oversized tyres which either caught against a person or other vehicle resulting in either damage or injury. Studded tyres also are included in this clause and if used in inappropriate conditions (i.e. where there is no ice or snow) and they damage the road surface then they would be clearly illegal.

  ulrich 16:49 07 Jan 2010

Certainly should be used on rescue and emergency vehicles. They are easy to put on and take off.

  wiz-king 17:26 07 Jan 2010

In Germany a lot of people have a set of wheels fitted with winter tyres and swap them over for bad weather.

PS I'm sure I have seen cars on snow in the adverts - they never had trouble! *grin*

  morddwyd 20:28 07 Jan 2010

Fitted snow chains, not just lying in the boot, are a legal requirement in some parts of the mainland, and there is a standard sign to give warning of this

click here

There is quite a hefty on the spot fine for non-compliance.

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